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    hi, since i searched my own way to go ... here again as How-To so everyone will find it easy ;)

    I will show you 2 Solutions to upgrade your Nextcloud in Docker, this one also depends on this guide.

    First of all for both Solutions: you have to upgrade your
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    Yes sure. I still have the second drive. So no Need to over react. Sooner or later it will fail
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    I have a failed sector on my HDD that was found by SMART. Now OMV sends me an email about this every single day.
    I am aware of the situation and it would be great if OMV could stop sending this repeating message until any new error comes up.
    I would like…
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    (Quote from monsen)

    I was wrong here. It works!
    You just have to ignore this message and manually activate the app in the app manager. You have to activate it 2 times. First time you confirm to be working with an incompatible app, second time you really…