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  • Hi, I finally got the pihole container working in OMV5 following your guide using the stack. Its running successfully now per the log. But I cant access the web GUI. When I go to https://<serverip>/admin/index.php

    Keep seeing "file not found"

    When I navigate to pihole.<domain>.duckdns.org I get 502 error

    maybe I need to change some letsencrypt NGINX settings. Is there any changes I need to make to the subdomain.conf file from the sample? or any other settings i need to adjust?

    • Just realized macvlan assigned my pihole to a different ip than my server. Able to access webGUI and use it as DNS. Thanks for the stack!

  • Hi, can you help me install MLDonkey on OMV5? I tried with your guide but I immediately stop at the terminal part.

  • Hi, i just read your guide to install PiHole into OMV server, i also read all the thread "Network wide Ad blocking" so, before doing something too bad i ask you if it's safe as it look.

    Thank you in advance

  • configure Volumes to store config in persistent paht so changes that you do to mldonkey later ( ports, or password for admin) become persistent, otherwise, changes are lost on reboot.
    hello, how to setup this option? my changes are lost on reboot...

  • Ok that makes sense.
    Although this also happens, as mentioned below, when changing folder priviledges through the WebGUI which is really a bit annoying.

    Hope they will fix that. Thanks for this anyways :)
    Can i do anything to get this more attention?

  • not to time to time, only when you "save" anything related to eth0 like general settings from port 80 to port 443 (HTTPS), for example.

    I actually do not know any wokarround, I open a bug in Mantis bug tracker: https://bugtracker.openmediavault.org/view.php?id=1798

  • Hey,
    i cannot answer to your thread https://forum.openmediavault.o…77-HOWTO-Install-Pi-Hole/ therefore i am writing you a PM.
    Thanks for your guide it works very well expect for 1 part:

    listen 80; -> replace with -> listen;
    listen 443 ssl deferred; -> replace with -> listen ssl deferred;

    This part changes back to default in the /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/openmediavault-webgui file from time to time. That then produces a port conflict on nginx and lighthttpd.

    I guess anyone else using your guide has the same issue, so you should probably mention that in your guide or put a working solution.

    to reproduce: this is for example always the case if i change access rights to folders through "users" -> "priviledges" in the WebGUI

  • Hello from Spain ...