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  • May i have your input to my post below please?

    storage pool capacity not showing correctly

  • Hi, Im new to omv, i just installed it on my pc. Currently i dont know what to do after i write root and set my password in. Can anyone help me out?. I cant enter to the domain i set up when installing omv, can someone tell me how to do it as well?

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with printing in my omv 4.1.35-1 via cups in my network. I can print from localhost:631 test pages and via line command with lp cups.conf for example.

    On my Windows 10 computer and on my Iphone the printer shows up but doesn't print. On the Windows 10 system there is an error message "Document could not be printed" and "An error occurred during printing". On the Iphone I can select the Airprint Printer correctly. When I start printing, a messega indicates that Iphone tries to connect to printer, but nothing happens.

    On the localhost:631 page for admin the printer is listed.

    Features are: Idling, ready to take orders, **no network release**, standard printer, colour management. I have tried several times as an admin to change to "network release active" but I failed. It simply doesn't change.

    Can anybody give me an advice where I can change this ???

  • Hi, I have a question. Recently i have set up my open media vault (OMV) on my raspberry pi4 and it was running fine until one it went corrupt. I have attached a 3TB HDD to my raspberry pi 4 and have succesfully made shares and even copy files into the HDD. When i notice that i cannot boot my raspberry pi 4, i have reinstall my raspberry pi 4 and reinstall Open Media Vault. After installing the Open Media Vault, i re-attached back the 3TB HDD and cannot see the shared folders that i have created earlier before the RPi4 corruption happens. Infact i have mounted the drive but failed to see these folders. How can i recover back the folders?

    • If you reinstalled, and mounted the drive.. Did you create the shared folders again? That is the only way they will get back to the webUI. Click the little folder icon beside the path in the shared folder creation, and you should see a file tree to select a folder that is on the drive. Otherwise, something is wrong w/ your external.

  • Hi can the verification email be re-sent? For some reason, I didn't get the activation email.

  • Now I'm confused. I have two times posted my question? Then sorry, that was not my intention.

  • You have deleted my posting with the comment "dup". Then tell me please where should be the other posting with exactly the same question. This would be fair instread of silent delete.

    • You put the same post in two different subs...choose the most appropriate sub and put your post there. Posting multiple times is frowned upon.

      Your post is not a storage question, as that pertains to the actual storage drives, not migrating to a new os drive. The subjects of each forum should be pretty clear.