Disk Spindown

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    • Disk Spindown

      Hi there,

      I am experiencing some issues regarding the spindown of my disk. In my build i have a single Seagate ironwolf 8TB drive. This drive appears not to be spinning down unless some manual actions have been done.
      What i have setup is a samba and NFS share on the drive, in addition I have also configured the drive to go to sleep (spindown) after 10 minutes of inactivity (I know this is short, but it is for testing easier.)

      The issues appear when accessing the NFS share from another machine, the drive status keeps stuck in "active/idle". (checked using hdparm -C /dev/sde). A logical explanation for this behavior would be if the drive is still being accessed however even when I shutdown the machine used to access the NFS share it does not spindown. The drive keeps spinning and stating "active/idle" till I manually do a spindown (hdparm -y /dev/sde) after this manual spindown it keeps spinned down.

      Another solution is to run smartctl -o off (which was suggested somewhere else) This does trigger a status update of the drive state and the drive does go to sleep after 10 minutes. However once i start using is over NFS again it does not spindown again, so this is not a permanent solution, it is just an alternative on hdparm -y right now.

      Thanks in advance,

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