After a shutdown of my NAS the raid 1 is gone

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    • After a shutdown of my NAS the raid 1 is gone

      Today i had to shutdown my nas because of cable management reasons.
      My nas is a raspberry pi with 2 external HDD's.
      I had them running in raid 1 and i had 3 shared folders on them.
      After the restart the raid is gone and in File Systems both of the hdd's are marked as N/A and missing. I cant mount them but i can see them under physical Disks.
      Can you please help me.
      (I want my data back)

      Sorry for bad english.
    • I figured it out myself after a stressful night.
      At first i connected both hdd again with the server.
      After that i did the command:

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      1. sudo mdadm --assemble --scan
      Then it started the raid.
      now i just mounted the raid in /mnt/test with:

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      1. sudo mount /dev/md0 /mnt/test
      And right now i am saving all files on my PC via FileZilla.

      I know it is not the completly right way but right now I do not care because I am just glad that my data is back.