transmission-openvpn docker error creating settings.json

  • I'm attempting to use the haugene/transmission-openvpn docker container but running into some permissions errors (I believe). I attempted to download a torrent with Transmission, but it fails and in the webGUI reads "Unable to save resume file: Read-only file system". So I go to the container log and see:

    Generating transmission settings.json from env variables
    2018/06/14 21:27:19 unable to create open /data/transmission-home/settings.json: read-only file system
    sed'ing True to true
    sed: couldn't open temporary file /data/transmission-home/sed0nesem: Read-only file system

    I have my "sharedfolders/data" connected to the container path "/data" in the docker's "Volumes and Bind mounts", and have that folder's ACL configured with docker having R/W, as well as Owner, Group & Others set to R/W/E in the extra options, applied recursively. I just can't determine why the docker is failing to generate the settings file from the env variables. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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