External USB 3.0 JMicron RAID-5 doesn't remount after power outage

  • Hey all,
    I have OMV4 running on an Intel Celeron NUC connected to a JMicron based HWRAID-5 enclosure. The RAID is managed by the enclosure, not OMV4. I had a faulty UPS for a while and power blinks would cause the NUC to power off but the array (having a hard wired power switch) would boot before the NUC. When I start the NUC, the boot process hangs on the detection of the external RAID. If left alone, it times out and the system boots without the RAID (which is the main storage array). If I am standing there and power cycle the array while the detection is happening, the NUC detects it and all is well in the world. This is obviously not normal. Any ideas?

  • I have three RAID Devices on my network. One attached to my Linux workstation, a Drobo on my wife's Windows 10 box and the OMV4 setup. All three devices are synced using Syncthing. The OMV4 box uses Duplicati to back up to Backblaze B2. In total, I have 4 copies of my important data.

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