FTP Working At Last -Solution For Others?

  • Hi Out There,

    Three weeks ago I got frustrated that I could no longer update my Rock64 NAS after an upgrade-distro to 18.04 left my initramfs-tools partially installed with no solution that I could find. So I started from scratch downloading and installing debian 0.7.9 with OMV 4.

    Installation of SMB/CIS was a piece of cake after I got the NetBios issues on my Win10 desktop resolved but I've spent the last two weeks getting FTP to work. All diagnostics pointed to either NAT on my FIOS router or my Bitdefender firewall. Both showed all the ports I could possible need as open but I would constantly get either an immediate 'connection refused' or a timeout at the point where the MLSD command was ordered. Please keep in mind this same software set (ProFTP and Samba 4) was running without the OMV admninistrative wrapper before I wiped the emmc drive.

    Now for the solution ... add the user(s) set up in OMV to the ssh group (usermod -a -G {group name} {user name} and connect (in Filezilla) using SFTP. All is right with the FTP world. I am now transferring files to my family members.

    Thanks to the good soul whose search for solutions uncovered this. I just want to give it some exposure

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