Unable to create folders in new drive

  • Hello everyone!

    I have a 1.5TB drive which is failing and I'm replacing it with a 2TB drive, also I have already 3 drives of 2TB. So basically the goal is to do a raid 5 with these 4 drives.
    I also have an extra drive of 2 TB to backup datas already presents before doing the raid setup.

    And this is where I got an issue.

    I installed the 2 TB drive into a USB 3 dock, format it in ext4 under OMV web gui and started to create shared folders (samba and ftp) to transfer datas from the other drives. And it's not working.

    Under filezilla I get:

    Answer : 550 New Folder : Permission denied

    Under Windows I get :

    You need permission to perform this action

    So basically I know that this a rights issue but I don't which one and how to fix it. I performed the sharing process in the same way I dit it for all the previous folders.

    Also, is there any other way to manage the files onto the drives than working with shared folders?

    Thanks for your answers!

    Any help is appreciated!


  • You can run a local rsync command instead of using the network. Make sure to use the -a flag to preserv a lot of important stuff (ownership, groups, symlinks and some more). You might also want to use -c to check if the copy was not corrupted.
    Be aware, that this drive will become a single point of failure until you got your system back up and the data copied and that there will be a longer sustained write and read on this drive.
    Better first update any externel backups of your nas you should have if the data are important to you.

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