Installing OMV5 on Raspberry PI's, Armbian SBC's, & i386 32-bit platforms

  • These guides are for installing OMV5 on Armbian Buster, Raspberry Pi's and i386 platforms.
    Please note that OMV5 is still in a BETA stage. "BETA" means problems and issues, while relatively rare, should be expected. Backing up data is recommended.

    *** To be able to copy and paste commands from these guides, and to use provided links, download the appropriate PDF and view it locally. ***

    Installing OMV5 on Raspberry PI's
    (Applies to Raspberry PI's, models 2B and up.)

    Installing OMV5 on Armbian Buster
    (Applies to most popular SBC models, the Odriods, Rock64, Renegade, NanoPi, BananaPi and several others.)

    Installing OMV5 on i386, 32-bit, platforms

    These guides are works in progress, that may change in response to OMV updates.

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