Performances of RSync

  • Good morning all,

    I'm sure this is something that has been discussed already but I seem not to be able to find any reference at the moment.

    I have a couple of servers, both with a number of NICs (4 and 6, to be precise) configured with LACP (the switch supports LACP).
    Now, I was expecting NAS-to-NAS transfers to hit approx. 4 Gbps (the slowest server has 4 * 1Gbps interfaces) however I can see I a only able to reach 1Gbps as, apparently, rsync only creates a single TCP session which cannot span multiple NICs.

    I have tried to start multiple rsync jobs concurrently, hoping that this would allow all the bandwidth to be used however that still hit 1 Gbps top.
    I'm sure LACP works just fine as I move from/to each NAS data faster than 1 Gbps (i.e. having 3 wired clients copying from each NAS I can consume ~ 3Gbps).

    Is there any way to tell RSync to take advantage of all the available bandwidth and spread the load across multiple NICs configured with Link Aggregation?

    Thank you.

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