OMV 4 to OMV 5

  • I just wanted to share that a migration I did from OMV 4 to OMV 5 went very well. I have an external array attached to a Xeon pc. I had an i5 CPU around so decided to build a mitx setup for testing.

    I installed OMV 5 from USB, launched the GUI, rebooted but attached the array this time. Remounted the volume and remapped the sharedfolders.

    I then added extras and setup portainer as i use this setup primarily to host all my media and run a few containers. Fired up updated versions of the containers, bound the folders to the new container setup and all is well.

    There were a couple issues like the docker service and boot as well as a drive issue with sda/sdb and such that I’m familiar with but overall this migration went very smoothly and the new setup is running really well. Portainer is very slick and a big step up IMO.

    Just wanted to share a success story going from 4 to 5 so others can feel more confident.

    Ive used synology, xpenology, FreeNAS before but I love OMV. The only way to go.

    Thank you to those that build and maintain OMV.

    Proxmox Cluster with OMV 5x on KVM
    OMV 5.0.10-1
    Containers, Containers, Containers

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