Filecloud : "Server URL is not accessible"

  • Hi guys!

    I'm not a master in programming but I really like to try to make thing works.

    My system: OMV 4.1.35-1

    Processor Core2 Duo E7300 2.6GHz

    Linux 4.19.0-0.bp0.1-amd64

    4gb mem

    I have managed to install filecloud container with the help of the TDL tutorial.

    But when I access the Filecloud setting config page, I enter my server URL and click the test button it return me "Server URL is not accessible. This might affect some server functionality like background processing."

    I contacted Filecloud tech and the reply is:


    Please check and confirm if that URL is accessible from inside the server and Filecloud portal is accessible with that URL. If not, it will show this error.
    Is the A record of pointed to the Filecloud Server IP ? If not, please add a DNS entry so that will point to Filecloud server


    If I enter "" in my search bar it returns: "Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address"

    I'm not sure how to verify if my server URL is pointed to the filecloud server ip...

    I think my duckdns containers is properly configured... but I would need you help.

    What should I check?


  • Marcooks

    Added the Label OMV 4.x

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