Newbie woes - HDD not showing in web interface and other boot issues

  • Hi again,

    A few issues, I have OMV 5 up and running and I've logged in to the web interface. This is on a HP ProLiant G7 ML110 and this is what I have in it currently:

    • WD 500GB HDD - Empty
    • Samsung SSD 500GB - Windows 10 (I'm planning to wipe it to use with OMV)
    • Seagate 250GB HDD (OMV OS)
    • Seagate 250GB HDD Empty

    So my two issues are the following:

    If I boot the server with all the above connected, it wont boot. I get a Non-System Disk or Disk error warning. However, if I remove the two empty drives above, it boots without issues.... :/

    I tried running update-grub but it did not solve the issues.

    I'm able to connect the two drives to the server once I'm logged in to root. They show up in the web interface however the Samsung SSD drive does not show up, yet it is detected at boot (I have the option of launching Windows during the grub screen).

    Thanks for your help.

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