Transmission-OpenVPN connect to specific server

  • Hello,

    I have haugene/Transmission-OpenVPN installed on my OMV 4.0. By following TDL video all works as it should. I am using NordVPN. Recently I tried to configure docker to connect to specific server instead of best server as per default configuration. I did some research on internet and found the information to change OPENVPN_CONFIG to selected server IP from the NordVPN server list. After doing that the container keep restarting and not working at all.

    I am asking, if anyone has experience how to configure container to connect to specific server using NordVPN.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hello,

    after some more research I found the solution for my problem here :…ission-openvpn/issues/764. instead of OPENVPN_CONFIG, I used NORDVPN_COUNTRY and enter country code only. For example instead of in OPENVPN_CONFIG field, just type ca in NORDVPN_COUNTRY field. The setup will select best server in the country after starting up the docker image.

    Hope this will help.

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