Can't connect to SMB server through MacOS / iOS

  • I have Open Media Vault set up on Raspberry Pi. I have connected an external drive, created the required shared folders, enabled SMB/CIFS on OMV.

    Everything works great on Windows machine and Android devices (Read / Write works as it should), however, if I try to connect to the SMB through MacOS or iOS (files app), I get an error:

    MacOS (11.0 Beta 6 (20A5364e)): There was a problem connecting to the server “raspberrypi” <-- hostname ir IP here.

    iOS (14 Beta 7): The operation couldn't be completed. Invalid argument

    (However, I can connect with a 3rd party app on iOS)

    OMV is a default latest installation, no custom configs or anything. The external drive is exFat type, but it was working fine on pure Samba server before, without OMV (I did a fresh install of Raspberry Pi OS and installed OMV on it).

    After further investigation, I was able to log what happens with SMB on MacOS when I try to connect:

    This doesn't tell me much though.

    Any ideas?

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