Moving share folders to another filesystem. NFS issue (+LUKS) ?

  • Hello,

    I'm doing a storage migration on my 2 OMV5 instances (VMs under Proxmox with pass-through disks) from various RAID flavors on several 2TB HDD to few unmirrored "big" SSD.

    Here's the plan:

    1.- Attached SSD to the VM

    2.- Wipe the SSD

    3.- Encrypt the SSD (this is an extra, I've successfully tested the config within a test instance with unlock using NFS located file key).

    4.- Create a single filesystem on the SSD

    5.- Stop all clients, and reboot OMV5 VM

    6.- Copy using rsync CLI the content of share folders from different FS (RAIDs) to the new FS (SSD)

    7.- Move the Shared Folders using the GUI

    8.- Stop/Start services (CIFS/NFS/RSYNC) or reboot

    9.- Restart clients

    10.- Delete & umount old FS, delete/wipe old disks & detach HDD from the VM.

    I've already tested steps #5 to #9 because I needed to free some SATA connection for the SSD on the host but if everything went smooth with CIFS it was not successful regarding NFS. The /export/share1name and /export/share2name were empty. No error message, nothing wrong but I ended deleting the NFS shares (GUI) and recreated them exactly the same to make them working again. /etc/exports was just fine, nfs-server service was not complaining, clients were able to mount the "empty-root-located-shares" ...

    Any idea on what I missed ?

    Thanks a lot in advance


  • Extra question:

    On the 1st OMV I'm migrating right now, the "physical" disks are as follow:

    /dev/vda (boot)

    /dev/vd{b,c,d} = HDD

    /dev/vde = SSD

    I've encrypted /dev/vde (LUKS plugin), created a new FS and, after rsync copy, I'll move the shared folders to the new FS.

    What will happen when I'll detach the HDDs from the VM ? I guess the SSD will become /dev/vdb. Will the FS & shared folders fine with that ? I've also created an entry like "vde-crypt UUID /key/file" in /etc/crypttab, I guess I'll have to adapt it with the new /dev/vdX.

    Is it possible/better to use UDEV rule to force the SSD to /dev/vde ? If yes, what kind of rule should I write ?

    Thanks !

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