File system status says "Missing" after restarting Raspberry pi 3B+

  • Things have changed. We're not using "preinstalled" images anymore for a variety of reasons.

    Clear. So therefore I should use OMV5

    If you follow the wiki -> install procedure, you'll be installing OMV5 by script. This works fine and you'll be installing a few utilities on your Windows client that you may find useful later

    I'm going to do this. Thnx, I'll keep you informed.

  • I received my new Sandisk SD-cards. I followed the hole procedure for installing OMV5 (this time I'm sure):

    No problems installing OMV5 and make all the settings (as described in Getting-started-OMV5.pdf). Connecting the disks gives me the same disks again:

    But the earlier made file systems are not visible and creating a file system means formatting the disk

    So I pressed "No". I don't wanna give up yet.

    Hopefully you have any ideas on how to proceed from here.

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