After switching to Armbian, NFS streams abort after a few minutes

  • I just don't get it, under Debian Buster the NFS streams ran for weeks without any problem. Since Armbian NFS streams abort after a few minutes. Armbian fixed another problem and got me a new one. In OMV it shows me that the service is enabled and running, but systemctl says: nfs-server.service loaded active exited With exportfs -rav it runs again, only to stop after a few minutes. It also works without command if I wait a few minutes. I also did a fresh install of Armbian as well as client-side Libreelec, which did nothing. Can anyone help me with troubleshooting?

    - Odroid HC4 - Armbian - OMV5.x - 2x WD Red 4TB (without Raid) formatted with btrfs -

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