Please let me know how I can sync the directories under home.

  • Please let me know how I can sync the directories under home.

    I tested synchronizing all OMV shared folders with OMV's Rsync Server for backup between two computers with OpenMediaVault installed.

    I configured both OMVs with the same user name, the same shared file name, the same SMB / CIFS service environment structure, and the same FTP service environment structure.

    The user's password and the user's shared folder permissions are all the same.

    The operating systems of the two computers are both Debian buster.

    The only difference is each LAN address.

    The reason for preparing the two OMVs in this way is to simplify the settings when synchronizing with SyncServer.

    I used the Push sync method on RsyncServer. In addition, SMB / CIFS data, subordinate directories, and FTP data can all be synchronized once a day by setting to delete data that is not in the sender.

    I created multiple jobs at the sender and multiple modules at the sync destination that also correspond to the jobs.

    And they all ran fine except the home directory.

    I have enabled the OMV user's home directory so that the share does not appear in the list of shares available in the net view and browser list.

    The system-wide synchronization by OMV's self-confidence synchronization function could not synchronize the user home directory.

    If you want to synchronize your OMV user home directories, you can easily do this in the following ways:

    I can easily sync by first disabling the OMV user home directory, simply using the user filename in a regular shared folder, and configuring with access restrictions only.

    However, all users will see directories that are unnecessarily inaccessible.

    It is unpleasant for users to see inaccessible directories. Also, if you use a number instead of a name so that the user is not identified, it will be difficult to manage.

    Such a method is not preferable.

    I want to use the user home directory provided by OMV.

    Please let me know how I can sync the directories under home.

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