Installed on Ubuntu Server 20.04

  • I made a mistake and install omv on an existing Ubuntu Server 20.04. I ran omv firstaid as part of the installation. Now I cannot access the server from anywhere on the LAN but through its console.

    Any suggestions how I might fix the networking?

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    OMV is not compatible with Ubuntu. Debian is the only base OS that will install OMV correctly.

    The following are guides for building OMV6:

    Using the ISO, -> New User's Guide (For users new to Linux and / or NAS servers.)
    Very brief instructions only, -> Quick Configuration guide. (Experienced Linux and NAS Users)
    If there are issues with either of the above, -> Alternate Build Guide (For newer hardware or problem builds. Builds Debian first, then OMV is installed with a "copy and paste" one line script.)
    For experienced or expert Linux users -> Read the Doc's Installation

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