migrating working installation from ide to ahci

  • Hello . i am here to ask for more help. typical of me .

    I am currently trying to migrate my low budget school file server, with docker aplications runing on it from using raid 0 array to raid 5

    The problem is only avalable sata port i have left to connect another drive is an esata port.

    I would rather not mix esata with internal sata ports in an array so i thought i move system drive to that port, but since this motherboard is made by intel with some crazy ideas, esata port always work in ahci mode while i installed my server in ide mode long ago.

    Switching type of operation for the controlled ends up in non bootable system right after grub so i presume the same will be true for external sata port.

    is thera a way to fix it for a non linux user like me? I would rather not downsize the array, it is small as it is.

    i know how to do it for windows but that won't hepl much.

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