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    I am currently in the process of moving my OMV server from an old, power-hungry computer to a Raspberry Pi. One of the plugins that I run from my server is the OpenVPN-AS plugin. Obviously, I want to move the VPN to the Raspberry Pi as well, but my "Plugins" tab does not have the OpenVPN plugin listed as an option even though I have enabled the VPN repository in the tab.

    What is the problem? Why is the repository not listed?

    openvpn and openvpnas are two different plugins. openvpn plugin doesn't openvpn access server.There isn't much to the openvpnas plugin. It is meant for people who aren't comfortable with the Linux command line.The version of openvpnas in the omv-extras repos isn't that much older than what is available on the openvpnas web site.

    Well, it is a great plugin even for inspirational purposes. I have wanted to host a personal VPN server for some time, but I never thought to use my OMV server for it. I know the version that ships with the plugin is not much older than the latest release. I just wanted to try upgrading it to see if it would work.

    I run an OMV server from my home that not only functions as network attached storage for my network, but I also use it to host a VPN server that I use when I am traveling. In the next few weeks, I will be traveling for an extended period of time, and to save energy, my original plan was to use Wake on LAN so that I could turn the machine on and off as necessary. Unfortunately, my router has some limitations that prevent this from being feasible even though the computer I use as a server supports it with no problem whatsoever.

    I do not know if what I would like to achieve is possible, but ideally, I would like to make the entire machine go in to a low power state that makes it still available whenever an attempt to connect to load the VPN server admin page is made. I do not know if there are any hardware limitations that would prevent this from working, and I also do not know if my primitive Verizon FIOS router would stop this from working. Can such a thing be achieved?

    I was just playing around in my OMV installation's console, with help of documentation, when I came across the omv-release-upgrade command, which, when executed, results in this:

    I have known for some time that OMV3 existed, but as far as I knew, it was still in the experimental stages. Since this screen lists OMV3 as a "release upgrade", I am somewhat confused since the wording makes it sound like it is stable, yet there is no OMV3 release available for download from the OMV website.

    Can I safely upgrade my NAS server to this release, or is it still in development?