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    I haven't decided on installing OMV yet because I've got two HDDs with one volume EXT4 each.
    A 3rd HDD is for the OS, so far this has been a plain Lubuntu. And this could be for OMV on a new setup.
    BUT- will OMV require me to reformat the two storage drives, in which case all data will be lost (or will have to find a temporary place). Not keen on that.
    So can storage drives be mounted after installation without reformatting them?


    I like to synchronise clients and another OMV.

    So far I have used Rsync and defined chron jobs on the previous system (Ubuntu).
    Can one define chron jobs that trigger an rsync process?
    How would I need to define the path (/home/user/...)?
    Just like to find some reading about it but the Wiki doesn't seem to provide much (yet).