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    omv-firstaid works, but the only relevant menu I see is to change the WebGUI port, which is currently set to 80. If nginx is set to 8080, then there should be no conflict, right?

    I'm not very good at navigating around via SSH, so if you have any more info, I'd appreciate. Thanks.

    I am experimenting with the nginx plugin. I enabled the nginx plugin, and when I applied the changes I got an error. I subsequently got an error on every other webGUI item I tried to access. So I closed the browser tab (Google Chrome) and tried to go back into the WebGUI and got this error message:

    This site can’t be reached

    openmediavault refused to connect.

    Did you mean
    Search Google for openmediavault


    I am positive I set the website port to 8080, since the webGUI is set to use port 80, but I can't go back in and verify now. Is there a way to disable nginx through SSH so I can recover the webGUI functionality?

    My network folders (SMB/CIFS) are still functional and I now see my site login when I hit port 8080 from my web browser, which is being served by nginx. Need to get the webGUI back though. Thanks in advance for any help!

    I just upgraded my OMV OS to 2.2.5 (Stone burner) and noticed there are hardly any plugins available compared to what I had previously, which was 0.3.10 (Omnius). I was wondering is there another method of searching for and installing plugins that I don't know about, or are there just very few available at this point in time?

    Plugins I am looking for that I used to have are MySQL, git, and Subversion. Any idea where/how I can get these for Stone burner? Thanks.