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    I have similar problem, but the Win 10 cannot see the device.

    I am totally confused....if it is "supposed" to creat a NAS and most of the world has PC that (I am assuming) uses NTFS. How will my windows system work??? My attached HDD is normal files so I thought normal NTFS.

    So if OMV is no good for NTFS that will put 90% of the work what is OWV good for?

    So what do we use????

    Also where is the email me when there is a reply button????

    I am a little tired as I have been trying to make a NAS from my Raspberry Pi for months.....

    I suppose it is back to the drawign board????

    Hi – Win 10 Cannot See the OMV device.

    From the outset thank you all for being here. I have been trying to network my Raspberry Pi 3 for 3 months or more and no luck. I finally found OpenMediaVault and it looks good.

    I have installed and re-installed many times and used many installation guides in English and German (although I have no idea what the Germans said – there are very few guides.) I got a little more from each. Why can there not be one….

    All I want to do it make a NAS to access file – nothing difficult …so I thought. Only 1 HDD and there is a cable to the network…

    I cannot enable Cloud as I cannot find any way of getting a certificate – do I need this. I have turned on all that I can but my Win 10 cannot see the OpenMediaValult (OMV).

    My apologies, I could not find a search function and I really do not know anything about computer code. So this is why I was drawn to OMV)

    Can any kind person help? No error messages. I am in the Australia Bush/Outback and there are no people who know anything about anything.

    How do I get notification of a response????

    my email is

    So if anyone answers can they email me????