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    Do you have a pihole setup and running inside your network?

    No, I don't. Now i figured out how to access it: I have to use the IP adress instead of the hostname to access the Plex configuration. The funny thing is that I can reach my OMV installation by the hostname, ping on Hostname / FQDN works. DNS is configured properly.

    Now I try to mount my media files. I have set host path as "/srv/...." and container path "/media" but media is empty. I have already given the dockeruser access to the folder.

    I just installed docker and then Plex following this guide: OMV + Docker plugin media server (Plex, PlexPy, Ombi, Libresonic, NZBGet, ruTorrent, Sonarr, Radarr, Mylar, and more)
    Network is set to host and the config directory point to the folder I have created as instructed in the tutorial. Also double checked PUID and GID for the dockeruser.
    If I try to access Plex I am being able to log in but the webinterface keeps telling me that it is searching for server like forever with a spinning circle.
    What caused this and how to fix it? Any help appreciated.

    My network consist of multiple Windows 2016 servers (with domain) and Windows 10 clients.
    The OMV is a fresh install, created a user, share etc. ... all pretty staright forward. The OMV machine can be seen in network neighborhood but when I try to access it I get prompted for username and password which is then rejected. I double checked and it is correct and the user is also give read/write privileges on the share.
    I am aware of this guide: [HOW-TO] Connect to OMV SMB shares with Windows 10 - **Update - Loss of SMB Guest Shares** 11/26/18
    But working through it not helped to solve the problem. Of course I cannot change the network type to private since it is in a domain. I enabled insecure guest logins, forced SMBv2 on Windows and OMV (with max and min protocol) and even installed SMBv1 support (again) on a Windows client for testing which not helped. I am really clueless.

    on my NAS running latest OMV the temperature is currently controlled by the CPU temperature - not a very good solution for the NAS as most of the heat is generated by the 4 harddrives.
    After playing around with pwmconfig I am able to read and set the fanspeed. But how is the best approach to automate this in OMV?
    There is a project to achieve this:
    But unfortunately the python version in OMV is too old.
    Any ideas?

    unfortunately I not get very far when trying to install docker on a fresh install of OMV 4.1.13-1. After I enable the DOCKER-CE repo I get the following error:

    Any idea what caused it and how to fix it?

    I alo plan to get a Terramaster F4-220 (same as F2-220 but 4 bays) and would like to hear some feedback about people running omv on Terramaster devices for a while now. There are some issues mentioned but I not see any feedback about the current status. So I would appreciate if someone could share their experience regarding:

    • LED control / functionality (HDD, LAN)
    • power button
    • fan control
    • hardware monitoring (CPU temp, fanspeed)
    • support for disk encryption

    Well after some research I have found this thread: Samba not working on OMV 4.x while working on OMV3.x
    ntlm auth = yes allowed me to browse the shares and access them. But it seems to be not "best practice" regarding security. See here:…ntlm-for-windows-clients/

    After editing the security policy according to the information in the link abive and removal of "ntlm auth = yes" from the config, the same error occurs again and I cannot login. I made sure the policy has been applied to the computer. *clueless*

    I have recently installed OMV 4 on my NAS. Network is a Windows Domain. The NAS is visible in the Network Tab on all PCs (Win10). So i created a user, shared folder / SMB share. The user has read/write permission to that share. But when I try to connect to the share (\\nas\share\) i keep getting an error saying username and / or password is wrong. I double checked already and it is correct.
    For troubleshooting I also set "min protocol = SMB2" as custom option but no success. Installing support for SMB1.0 on the Win10 machine also not make any difference. I really have no clue what is causing the error?!

    I have some external harddives with data on it. They have various filesystems (ntfs, ext4 etc.). But I not managed to share the whole disk via smb so I can access the data on them. Is there any guide / tutorial about this? Creating a shared folder on the disk works fine. They all mount properly as well at /srv/dev-disk-by-label-xyz

    yes :)
    I installed ramlog that improved the situation a lot already. But there is still something that wake up the disk.
    Further troubleshooting with this script returned as cuase for wakeup:

    [28240.442947] md0_raid1(435): WRITE block 3999616 on sda1 (8 sectors)

    Is there a better way to find the reason for the disk spinups?

    Unfortunately I am unable to spin down my WD RED drives withomv 1.19 on debian wheezy. Both, hd-idle and hdparm, are not able to spin down the drives after the specified time. Even when I force the drive to sleep with hdparm -Y I can hear that it spin down but immediately spin up again! I have never seen this behavior on any drive. What is the problem ?