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    I don't use that, but maybe this can do it for you too. I'm not sure but it's also a windows program which is what I use when I need a bootable usb stick. I like it since it has worked fine for me so far. Wow, you actually go through that copying every month? :) Also, you should check out ubuntu mate. I think I tried using mint a while back but wasn't too crazy about it. Ubuntu mate just has the classic look of what ubuntu used to be at the beginning which I prefer myself. I just thought I mention it.

    Geaves, no I just went ahead and created the new test user just to check. I didn't want to mess with those anymore just to make sure I don't make it worst. Although I did changed it to read only I think it was but still didn't do anything. I figured I can remake the accounts, but this wouldn't be a good thing if you have a lot of users and this happens.

    Well I did delete one user/group called homeftp since I wanted to rename that and just make a new one. I'm pretty sure that shouldn't change all the rights to the other users though. I'm just trying to think back at anything I may have touched, but I know I wasn't changing the user rights on the others. I'm just trying to think very hard to see if I did that in any way, other than un-installing plex since I did test that too.

    Okay I think I'm going to take a break tonight as I'm getting tired.

    I've been playing with this a bit more and thought that maybe the nikon program did something weird to my desktop so I thought I try to log in to the nas from the laptop. Unfortunately I got the same thing, no access. So I went ahead and created a new user and just left it at that. I gave it access to all the shares and sure enough it works. But I can't figure out why the other accounts don't because they still have the same rights to the shares. In short, something seems to have screwed those up. I won't mess with them at the moment since I got a new account working, but any input on that is greatly appreciated if anyone has any idea how to fix that. I'm just scratching my head because I really don't have any idea about what happened there since I wasn't changing those to make them not work.

    I have one suggestion, can we get a bit more information as to what a button does. Here's a good example, I have "reset" but I'm not sure what that means. So a little description in the same windows the buttons are I think would be helpful. I don't want to press it as I don't know how or what that is going to change.

    FTP I can access, data I can't. I think I also added myself in the second screenshot to try and get back into it. Anyway, I wasn't messing around with these last night either. I just noticed that I couldn't access anything this evening.

    The other thing I did do was make a system backup with the plugin but I had this installed for a while now. I can get to all the shares once I put the ip address in the file explorer and log in, but then I can't access any of them except for the ftp.

    Last night I installed media plex server using the plugins and thought nothing about it today. As I tried to access my shares I keep getting access denied. I made no access right changes other than test the usb stick earlier but made no changes since that was a hardware issue. I also noticed that my nas won't show up when I hit the network icon. So I figured I leave the rights alone and un-install the plex server. I got an error, and the name under the services was still there. I went ahead and rebooted and it's now gone. I also got the nas back under the network which is cool, but I still can't access my shares. There were a few files under updates today, but I noticed I couldn't access my shares right before I installed them. Any ideas on what may be causing this? I know it's usually rights access but I haven't changed them myself. I'm attaching the error after I un-installed plex. I have rebooted the nas a couple of times along with my computer, router and modem just because I like to do that every now and then. You can also now find the nas under network.

    To make this short, I found that the adapter didn't work with all pins plugged in. I ended up just plugging in one side and that made it work. I think having the whole connector mated to the board also stopped my usb 3 port from working, but I can't remember now. Either way they are both working and I added a few more pictures at the bottom of this page about this. Oh it also took me longer to post since I just found out my nikon software doesn't work now on my new setup. The program just refuses to work so I had to use my new found and awesome xnview MP program.…case-9-build-25-hard.html

    Well done.....sometimes it helps communicating with of you will come up with a solution :D:D tbh I did read this but I hadn't got a solution to offer.

    Haha, thanks, someone once told me it was good to think out loud. I guess the forum is my brainstorming session. Sometimes I may get a head of myself. My brain seems to always go faster than I want it to. :)

    Just an update on this. I thought I check with the usb stick on the back usb ports, both usb 2 and 3 and it looks to work fine there. I have one usb 2 and one usb3 on the front going into the usb 3 header on the motherboard but neither of these seems to pick up my usb stick. I'll unplug that adapter and try again, but I just thought I update this. You can see my memorex usb stick here. So at least it looks like that works from the back. I have no idea why it won't at the front ports. I'll unplug that adapter and check one more time. Although that adapter seems to be working fine.

    Hi guys. I just plugged in a usb stick to the front of my nas and I can't see anything in the control panel. I am just testing my two front plugs and nothing shows up in the control panel. I just got an adapter I needed for my second usb 2 port and so far both light up the same when I plug the usb stick, but that's about it. Is there something that needs to be done in order to see anything plugged into the usb ports? I am on 3.0.86. I forgot to mention that this usb front panel is going through a hub that is connected to the internal usb port on the motherboard. This is the same place that the internal hard drive I am using for the OS is plugged into. Since there is only one port, I have to use the hub in order to be able to use the front usb port. One is a usb 3 port and the second one is a usb 2 port which is the adapter I just added to make sure I could plug into either port. Anyway I was just testing this at the moment. The good thing is that both seem to light up the led on the usb stick just the same. Other than this, I can't really do anything else with them.

    I should note that I am not using any plug-ins. I just plugged the usb stick to both front ports to test and I thought It would show up in the control panel. If that's not how it would work here do let me know, thanks.

    I was just trying to use a terminal in ubuntu mate which is what I had on this old computer that I'm using until I can get my parts for the new one. Anyway I just used filezilla sftp since I did installed it. That lets me login, but can't for the life of me figure out why the terminal isn't working. I keep getting the could not resolve host. And I think I just deleted the omvbackup share instead of just the contents in it. Crap. Not a big deal, but I need to name things a bit different so I can tell the difference since the backup and the share had the same name for whatever reason. Well I'm glad I made that mistake with my own folder that I can delete and make again.

    Okay, never mind, I didn't delete that. I chose the right folder at the bottom quadrant. So it did only take that folder. :) Well I'm glad I did log in with root since I couldn't remember the correct password either. I do have it written down but since i don't login with that you kind of forget.

    A lot of system files are owned by root with tight permissions. You aren't going to be able to delete those via samba even with ACLs and permissions. Either use the command line (rm -rfv /media/LONG_UUID/omvbackup) or winscp or something where you are logged in as root. If you change the permissions of the backed up files, you are going to corrupt your backup as well.

    Okay thanks. I guess that's what happened so far. I'll check out winscp and you're right the root permissions keep throwing me off. What is the correct line to ssh into the nas? I've been trying to ssh and can't get through from a terminal. I have enabled it and forwarded the port.

    Yes, I still get all that on other places and yes, it's pretty annoying. Which also reminds me of the web login. I would like to keep it at whatever language I chose so that it doesn't keep refreshing itself, then it lets you login.

    Are you using a cd to get the install from? Usually the problems I have had are the media, and what I used to make the iso. If so, don't use netbutin I think it's misspelled. I had nothing but problems with that making images. Use rufus or anything else. Also, check your files after you download them. I have the old xen server and it has worked fine. It's all unplugged right now, so I can't think of anything else to check.

    I got mine to installed before, but I just un-installed the virtualbox plugin. It's giving some error about not being able to work with the old one and to get the update. It does seem to open correctly on the web and looks interesting, but that's how far I was able to get. When I looked up the files, they seem pretty old so I'm not sure that that's even been updated. I also couldn't add any vm's to it, it just won't open the files. Just my 2 cents.

    Hi guys. I just went ahead and re-did a backup to the new share, but the file was not the same size as the first one I did. I also wanted to go ahead and delete the old backup from the first share I tested on, but I can't delete these files/folders for the life of me. I know I have the rights and I have change the acl to make sure the file rights get changed as well, but it's just not working. I also tried deleting the new backup and of course I can't delete that one either. Any help on deleting these is greatly appreciated. I just want to start over since I did muck around with the rights before.

    I use the asrock C236 board. I just changed my ups on it where I have the 40 inch tv that I use as my monitor, a camera dvr that is also running off the same ups and the nas. Without the nas being on and only the tv and dvr with, chromecast and wiifi ap all turned on, I get 0 kw. When I turn the nas on, I go from .145 at turn on and then it goes does to .056 kw or 56 w if that means anything. I'm not accessing it or anything, I just turned it on and that is with 6 hard drives installed and it's just humming along. I also keep my nas off when I don't use it and just turn it on when I need it, I can do this remotely too which is why I set it up this way so it's not always on just to extend the life of my nas a bit more. I changed the power supply on my previous nas three times over the time I had it since I kept that one on all the time and I hardly ever used it so this works for me. The board works well so I like it, but depending on how many hard drives you are going to plug into it, a pico psu will not be what you want unless it's just one drive or two, which I doubt will be the case if you're getting this board. On my desktop which I'm not using a small old zotac nano, the ups shows 48 w, but I also have the monitor, modem, router, 8 port switch, and speakers plugged into it. I also have my zen server and other nas here but they are not on just to give you an idea. I did forget to mention that I use an I3 cpu and not the server version.