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    I finally put most of the parts together on this build but I need a little help with fans. Check out the rest of the build and let me know if any of you know of 80 mm brush-less pwm fans with long enough leads I could replace the originals with. I still have another option I could go with, but take a look at the rest of the build and you will know what I'm talking about and then let me know if you know of any. In short, I still need a couple of small things to get sorted out, but it's almost there I think. It's almost 1am here so I'm sorry if I left anything out. Oh yeah, the links to the following pages are at the bottom of the previous page.Thanks.

    I have been looking at two motherboards for this build and I want to see if there are any problems with hardware issues and open mediavault. The two boards are:

    GA-Z170N-WIFI - There is a revision 1.0 and 2.0. So far I only see rev 1 but was looking for rev 2.…uct-page.aspx?pid=5982#ov

    -Newer hardware but only six sata ports, but also costs less than the server board.
    -Does support ecc memory as well which I just noticed. Not that I was looking for that
    -Wifi which could help me at the moment since I'm in a smaller place and the box is away from the router. Not sure how well the omv will like this for now but it's all included on this board.

    -Can't find rev 2 which I guess would be fine, but I'm not sure what's changed but would rather get the latest one.
    -Will need to add sata ports or get a sas card adding to the cost. I'm not sure how well this will go with raid, having two drives on pcie since the board raid I'm sure is only for the board sata ports.
    -Support seems to be MIA. I emailed them asking about version 2 and never got an answer. At least the old board I got seems to work fine though. So if you need hardware support this may not be what you want. I don't know about asrock but I found out it was spun off asus, but now is owned by a different company which is also newer.

    Asrock C236 WSI…p?Model=C236%20WSI#Manual
    -8 Sata ports already on the board
    -IPMI which could also be a security con. I really don't care since I can access it in other ways and don't care to be messing with the board remotely anyway.
    -No wifi
    -No mention of linux os compatibility on the site, only windows.
    -I like how well organized the website is. This makes finding related material easier. Just something I noticed and like.

    -Price of board
    -Price of ecc memory
    -Older bios unlike the new one from the gygabite board. This is kind of a big one for me just because I don't want to jump through hoops trying to get this thing updated.
    -Less connectors on the back since it's a "server" type board which I don't really care about other than the 8 sata ports.
    -No wifi since I kind of want to use this for now if possible.
    -A con for now as I have never used an asrock board and don't know how often they update the bios on their boards, the bios just looks old on this board which is the reason I say this.

    Notes: Both boards support up to 32GB of memory. The latest price of 16gb dimm is about 75.99 bucks on the egg so not cheap but it's what I see at the moment.

    CPU: Intel I3 6320…ocessor-4M-Cache-3_90-GHz
    Notes: I'm using the previous version I3 for my xen and works fine so this is why I want to go this route, it costs less and I like the lower power chips too but with a bit of reserve power in case I need it.

    Well, this is what I'm looking at and can't decide yet, one due to the version and the other due to the price. Decisions decisions.

    Any thoughts on going with either of these for my case or maybe there are affordable boards with 8 ports I have not seen? Any issues with the software with either of these? Can I use the omv raid to add drives and replace drives with larger ones like you do in most nas devices or do I need to redo the whole raid array and start fresh when adding more drives? I'm sure I may be forgetting something but I thought I post this for now.

    I was looking at sas cards and they're not cheap either, and most are pci-2 and these boards have pcie-3. Since I wouldn't be taking advantage of the pci 3 speeds, technically speaking, going straight to the board sata seems to be a better option for now. I'm just thinking about not lowering the theoretically hard drive speeds if you will. Well that's the idea I'm trying anyway.

    Thanks! Yes I do like the case despite the minor details. So far it's going to be sitting on one of those wireframe shelves so there will be plenty of air around it. As for the virtualization I was thinking more as a host. I was just curious about it, but it's not a big deal if it doesn't since I am already running it on a separate mini itx machine and only turn it on when I work on it. Thanks for letting me know.

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and have known about omv for some time. I actually it because I used freenas way back when the developer was still working there and left. I apologize but I can't remember your name. So although I knew about it, I never got a chance to use it, but I always wanted to give it a go as I liked what I saw. Anyway, I'm starting a new build for a nas and wanted to show you what I am starting and also ask about omv. Does omv support virtualization like say running a xen server, vmware, or whatever the case may be? I'm sorry if it's new question, but I just haven't used it yet. As you will see I'm just beginning this project and still need to figure the hardware I want to use. I already have a xen server machine set up but I figure if I could do this on a nas with enough space, that would be cool too. One less computer I need to have on. Anyway I don't want to make this intro too long so here's my blog where you can check out my build.