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    Hi folks,

    I am running into a problem finding any tutorials or guides in english on how to setup the NGINX Plugin to serve a public web page while allowing me to configure my OMV to be accessible via subdomain. All with LetsEncrypt so that I can only access my OMV over HTTPS, but so that I can also access my primary website (served by NGINX plugin) on port 80 and/or 443. I would like my SSL certs to be valid for ports 443 and whatever port I set the OMV GUI to.

    Additionally, I don't know much about NGINX and a lot of the info I am finding online uses the CLI, but I am trying to understand Pools. What are they for? Do I need them? How would I set them up for my configuration?

    Ideally my configuration would look like this:

    Code - port 80 - Public accessible web page - port 443 - Public accessible web page using LetsEncrypt SSL - port 81 - Redirects to HTTPS:// - port 442 - OMV web GUI using LetsEncrypt SSL

    Thank you all for any help.

    Thank you @votdev, I have finished updating my system. I installed Windon't 7 just so that I could update the BIOS, then reinstalled OMV 2.1 and everything seems to be running as I intended. I will probably try to find another HDD to transfer my data to temporarily so that I can format my 2TB drive with EXT4. Thanks for the support.

    Hi folks,

    I have an HDD that had previously been installed in a windows server. It is formatted as NTFS. I had tried OMV 2.1 and began having issues with LetsEncrypt certificates not displaying in the list of SSL certs. At this point, I have the HDD attached as desired with several different services using the Shared Folders. I decide to install OMV 3. I shutdown the system, unplugged the NTFS drive, installed OMV 3. After all was operational, I shut down and plugged my drive back in. Re-powered the system and I see the drive under Physical Disks AND under File Systems. The file system IS mountable, so I mount it. I then proceed to create a Shared Folder... But no device displays in the list... So I restart... Still no go... I have searched Google and these forums, but other issues seem to involve RAID or ZFS or something else that doesn't exactly match my scenario. I have found on the WiKi that a Drive must be clean before building a Shared Folder, but this can't be true because I had no issue with the same drive under OMV 2.1 and I didn't clean it THEN. I thought about deleting the File System, but I saw a message stating that data will be deleted... Woah, nope can't do that, I have over a TB of data that I don't want to lose.

    I am ready to start over again and put OMV 2.1 back on, but will I have the same problem? How do I share the drive if it won't show in Devices?