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    If the job is enabled and at least one of the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly fields are greater than 0, then they are scheduled.

    There is no plugin that does this really. I guess you could send a WOL packet using the rsnapshot pre-exec field to wake it up using the wakeonlan command (install the WOL plugin to install the command). I didn't test this though. You would probably need to sleep for a bit after sending the packet to give the remote server time to wake up

    wakeonlan MAC_ADDRESS_OF_REMOTE_SERVER && sleep 300

    I can't think of a better option than the autoshutdown plugin.

    Brilliant - thanks very much.

    I have used the default settings for the RSsnapshot plugin to run - what time will it automatically run each day?

    There is no plugin that does this really. I guess you could send a WOL packet using the rsnapshot pre-exec field to wake it up using the wakeonlan command (install the WOL plugin to install the command). I didn't test this though. You would probably need to sleep for a bit after sending the packet to give the remote server time to wake up

    wakeonlan MAC_ADDRESS_OF_REMOTE_SERVER && sleep 300

    I am going to give this a go and shall report back.

    I wasn't sure if I could use the WakeAlarm, in the Autoshutdown plugin, for this purpose.

    I can't think of a better option than the autoshutdown plugin.

    My apologies - I was referring to all the various options in the autoshutdown plugin (I should have set "settings" to avoid confusion).

    I used the default options and the server never went to sleep.

    I then turned everything off and it went to sleep during a backup.

    What changes can I make, from the default settings, so that the server just goes to sleep when idle for ten minutes?

    I was thinking of turning off IP Range, Sockets and turning on Smart Tests but am not too sure about any of the other settings.

    Hi there.

    Thanks to some really helpful advice on there, already, I have a headless PC-based server that can back up various folders from main server.

    At the moment, I am leaving my server on all the time and manually running the RSnapshot plugin for each of the folders that I need to be backed up.

    However, I would like to set it up so I can just leave it to do its own thing.

    I have a few further questions, if that is OK:

    1. How I can set up the RSnapshot to run automatically?

    2. Which plugin should I use to wake my server from suspend, when a backup is due?

    3. I assume that I can then use the Autoshutdown plugin to then put the PC back to suspend. There are quite a few options, so which should I choose? Ideally, I would like the PC to return to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity (this give the server time to carry out backups plus anything else that it might need to do, like diskchecks etc).

    Thanks for that.

    Apologies - my earlier post was a bit vauge.

    I was just wondering whether an increase from an i3-2105 to an i5 Haswell CPU (which I have found for only £10.00) would be worth the effort and also not increase my energy footprint too much.

    The i3-2105 has a TDP of 65w, whereas the i5 Haswell chips have a TDP of 85w - I know, however, that TDP is not strictly a good indicator of energy use.

    Hi there.

    I am currently running the two following PCs:

    1. My desktop - MSI H67MA-E35 (B3), with 2x4GB Ram, an i3-2105, and running Windows 10

    2. My backup server - MSI B85M-E45, with 2x2GB and 2x4GB Ram, G1850 and running Openmedia vault.

    I literally use the server for back ups only - i.e. turn it on, run RSnapshot, and turn it off again.

    I am currently working at home and have noted that my PC sometimes freezes for a bit - task manages shows 100% CPU usage.

    That might be as I sometimes have Kodi running on my computer or Netflix whilst I am connect to my work, remotely.

    It then suddenly occurred to me that I should swap the PCs over, which would give me the following benefits for my desktop:

    1. The server MOBO supports a USB3 header

    2. The server MOBO supports Windows 11

    3. Extra 4GB Ram to play with

    The only thing I need to do, however, is swap out the G1850 for something a bit better.

    What do you think I should go for?

    At first, I was hoping to put in a Broadwell CPU (as the MSI B85M-E45 uses the LGA1150 socket).

    However, based upon this:

    Comptible CPUs

    I am a bit gutted to see that the board supports only Haswell and Haswell(Refresh).

    I am also hoping that a new CPU will decrease my electricity bills a little - which have certainly increased whilst I have been working from home.

    Thanks very much.

    Thanks guys.

    The remotemount plugin was just what I needed.

    I ended up remote mounting, individually, the three subfolders (from "Media") that I need to back up, then sharing each of them and then finally setting up a separate entry in the Rsnapshot plugin for each of the shared folders to back up to the "Backup" folder on Server 2.

    However, I have run into a bit of an issue, following my initial testing - the hardlinks, that Rsnapshot uses, do not seem to be working correctly.

    As an example:

    My the first folder that I want to back is called "@Books".

    On Server 1, in the "Media" folder, if I click on properties I get: 23 Files, with a size of 2.86MB

    After running RSnapshot a few times, I now have a number of folders in "Backup" on Server 2 - daily 5, daily 4, daily 3, daily 2, daily 1 (which, for some reason is empty) and daily 0.

    If you look inside the folders, they each contain 23 files, which is expected.

    However, if you highlight them all and press properties, you get 115 files and a size of 14.3MB.

    What am I doing wrong? The plugin just seems to be adding a fresh duplicate of the folder each time?

    Hi there.

    I have got myself into a bit of a mess and would be grateful for some help.

    I have two servers, each running Openmediavault:

    Server 1, which is sharing a single folder called "Media" via SMB and NFS.

    Server 2, which is sharing a folder called "Backup" via SMB and NFS.

    "Media", on Server 1, contains a few folders but only two that I need to backup - "Music" and "Photos".

    I want to do incremental backups, to Server two and I also want Server 2 to instigate the backups.

    I have installed the Rsnapshot addon to Server 2 but have suddenly realised that I cannot add the "Media" folder as a source as it is on another server.

    Is there any way round this or is Rsnapshot for local backups only?

    Hello all,

    about to upgrade from OMV4 to 5 and want to do a clean install. The Armbian website offers me two different versions of Buster for the Odroid HC2 to download: the regular version with a 4.14.y Kernel and the Minimal version with a 5.4.y Kernel. Both are considered stable. Which one do I take? Can I use minimal, and if yes, should I?


    Am I missing something really obvious?

    Odroid HC1 / HC2 / MC1 – Armbian

    I cannot see the 5.4y Kernel version of Buster - has it been removed or I am being a bit dim?

    Thank you - must have been so long since I last installed OMV that I had not realised that there had been a change.

    Out of interest, is there any difference between the previous method and the new one?

    Am I correct in thinking that the Sourceforge version of the HC2 image was Debian that was adapted for SBC devices, whereas the new method uses Armbian, which is superior (because it has been specifically developed for SBC devices)?

    I am considering reinstalling, using the new method, but will not bother if they are identical.

    Thank you - have tried that and get the following.

    Unfortunately, I seem to be going round in circles with this:

    Hi there.

    Am running OMV5 on an Odroid HC2.

    I am currently running the latest version of TVH (4.3-1587), which has not been updated since November 2019.

    As per this thread - Bug #5673: Buster armhf Builds - Tvheadend (see post #20).

    I have tried to install the latest version of TVH, but have got a strange output:

    Any advice on what to do would be very much appreciated.


    I recently updated my server to OMV 5 and upon trying to reinstall TVHeadend, noticed that installation, on ARM devices running Buster, was a bit different and ended up on this page for the installation:

    I successfully installed 4.3-1857~g221c29b40 and it has been fine, but for a major issue - OTA EPG grabbing will not refresh properly.

    The only way to get new data is to restart the server.

    I am trying to find a newer version of TVH 4.3 and noticed on this page:…ptRepositories#Ubuntu-PPA

    that there is an unofficial Michale Marley PPA, offering newer builds.

    I tried to add the unstable version but am getting the following error:

    I would be really grateful for some advice on what to do, next.

    Hmmmm - hadn't realised that Portainer existed as well.

    I like to think of myself as being pretty good with computers, but anything involving Docker just confuses me - no matter how much I read about it, I just cannot seem to understand the benefit of it over a regular plugin.

    Try using the images of and Portainer as GUI for Docker, might make things a little easier and visual.

    More straight forward: docker-compose.

    If I am not ever sure, exactly, what this means, do you think I should probably not mess around with it?

    Perfect - thanks for clarifying (I have just read, on another one of your answers on another thread, that MYSQL and MariaDB are the same - that clears up a lot of issues that I may have run into!).

    I think I am going to install MariaDB directly onto my server - I spent some time, a while back, trying to get to grips with Docker but never got on with it.

    Hi there.

    Have just upgraded my Odroid HC2 to to OMV 5 and noticed that there appears to be no plugin for MYSQL.

    On OMV 4, I used MYSQL to share watched/resume status between my various Kodi clients: - this page suggests that MariaDB is more common nowadays.

    What are my options, now? I have been looking around this forum and it is suggested that there will be no-such SQL plugin for OMV 5.

    Should I install MYSQL or MariaDB on my server, directly?