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    Hello from Texas

    I new to the forum, have been looking around for other thin client enthusiast and came across your forum. I bought (2) of the HP T5740e clients a few months back for $10.00 each and didn't had time to play with them until this past weekend. I was able to successfully install Windows 10, all drivers loaded without any issues and for the most part it it could be use as an everyday small workstation, but I was looking to push the envelope on this little ones, so I installed Microsoft Server 2008 standard and it is rocking pretty fast thus far.At least 3 drivers didn't load, so I had to look around online for them)

    I was able to configure it as a small file server and have been very impressed with the network speeds since it does have a 1GB network port and my home network is 1GB as well. I am thinking the difference between Win10 and server 2008 is that the server version does not have any special fancy programs or applications that would slow down the system like when win10 it is running.

    I found some documentation that the HPT5740e is PAE capable, my next test would be to try 8GB RAM with a version of Server 2008 (DataCenter or Enterprise)that supports 32bit PAE that could recognize the 8GB RAM. Currently I just have the 4GB RAM and a 320Gb SATA drive in it.

    Would love to hear from anyone else that have tried any versions of Server 2008!!!!