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    I am trying to get OMV5 running on an odroid-hc2. The only image I have got to work is one specifically for the hc1 or hc2. This image is OMV4 that seems to work fine. I have tried upgrading it to OMV5 several times, based on the behavior I think that it reverts to needing interaction on the terminal. The device still has the blue heartbeat led is on.

    The other more general xu4 images never start the web controls. I suspect that these are looking for the initial terminal interaction.

    I would like to find an OMV5 image that just works with the hc1, or hc2.

    Alternatively is there a way I can configure an image on a vm to get past any of the start up problems and then create an image for the physical machine.

    The image that worked downloaded with the name "OMV_4_Odroid_XU4_HC1_HC2.img.xz". This version I was not able to successfully update to OMV5.

    After reading some of the other posts I retried the image named "Armbian_21.05.1_Odroidxu4_buster_legacy_4.14.222.img.xz". As I indicated in the first part of my post the web interface would not come up (I did try clearing the browser cache). The thing I forget to note that the ssh client recognizes that there is something there, but will not authenticate (used the default password).

    Honestly I am not sure what kind of advice I am after. Maybe I am following the wrong instructions for the upgrades. Maybe there is a way to get into a start image that I don't know about.

    I am new to OpenMediaVault. I am currently trying to get calibre-server working. After setting up the data directory I get an error "Failed to execute command 'omv-mkconf calibre 2>&1': cp: cannot copy a directory, `/media/4bd32d88-e714-4773-b987-c66b21216c45/media/4bd32d88-e714-4773-b987-c66b21216c45/calibreserver//content', into itself, ".
    I have made a number of attempts to setup this directory. This is my third directory that is now in the directory list.
    I am clearly misunderstanding something.
    A good tutorial on how this server is suppose to work might be the best thing along with some advice on how to start over on the configuration. I have removed the plugin and reinstalled and it retains my previous failed attempts in the drop down.