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    Hi, this is an old thread and the plugin improved a lot in the meantime. But I'm wondering if there is still a deb for newest debain (9.3)? Because the link in the first thread is not working anymore? Or what do I need to use this script on a debian 9.3 server (no OMV).

    So i decided to do my homework and start from a clean debian-9.3.0-amd64-netinst with only the common-tools and openssh installed ( 128 paquets )

    I assume this is what I will do too. I like OMV but by using it I moved from a beginner linux user to a almost medium user and already sometimes struggled with the presets of OMV for my purposes. So I would appreciate if you can sent me your notes!

    Nextcloud server 12.0.5 Raid6 8-6TO based on a A8-6500 16 Go ram
    Debian 9.3 4.9.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.65-3+deb9u1 ( upgrade not done yet )
    MDADM-3.4 / LVM-2.02.168/ apache 2.4.25 / php 7.0.27 / 10.1.26-MariaDB / mysqlnd 5.0.12 / phpadmin 4.6.6deb4 / Redis server v=3.2.6 / HTTP2 / Fail2Ban / Munin / external smtp relay.

    Do your recommend to move from OMV to "clean" debian?

    Hey Guys, did you tried to install nextcloud on a new OMV4.X install? I have the situation that I had a running nextcloud instance working on OMV3.X based on this Tutorial. Yesterday I spontaneously updated to OMV4.X and now, what a surprise, nextcloud is not running anymore. I get a "internal server error" and the nextcloud.log shows the following:

    Memcache \\OC\\Memcache\\APCu not available for distributed cache

    So my questions are. Do you think it is possible to fix this or do I need to clean my MySQL and nextcloud and starting new?

    And if yes, how can I remove the still existing nextcloud instance and nextcloud MySQL database?

    Hi zusammen,

    ich habe soeben aus "langer Weile" mein OMV 3.X auf OMV 4.X aktualisiert. Bisher läuft es, nur bekomme ich folgende Meldung (sekündlich) im Syslog. Woran kann das liegen?

    collectd[1013]: rrdcached plugin: Failed to connect to RRDCacheD at unix:/var/run/rrdcached.sock: Unable to connect to rrdcached: No such file or directory (status=2)

    Danke und Gruß

    Update: I did some additional research and now I figured out that I'm not able to login to the MyWebSQL webinterface. It only loads but no progress. Account and password are correct. No error message.

    But I'm able to login per terminal into the mysql database.

    This is getting crazy. I need help to at least identify where to search first.

    So it seems to be an issue with nginx server. After updating of OMV to 3.0.88, y Nextcloud configuration is not working correct anymore. If I try to open Nextcloud this creates the "communication failure" error in openmediavault.

    My nginx error log shows "access forbidden by rule... GET /data/?.ocdata". Any ideas or thoughts?


    my actual data backup is a 2step approach. Rsync creates regulary a backup on a second drive in my NAS and a script does a backup to a external hard drive if I start this script. This includes the backup of the OMV configuration. This OMV backup is original created by the plugin in the webinterface on folder /media/UUID/omv-backup.

    But now I receive a error message when I want to rsync this folder to an external drive. Rsync replys that the folder does not exist. But I can open it and checked it several times for typo's. Even if I copy the folder from the error message and ad "cd" I directly are able to open the folder.

    Is there any restriction with the "omvbackup" folder created by the web GUI which hinds rsync to sync this folder?

    I know that the plugin also works only with "rsync". Does anybody now the command line. Because then I could automate this process either by addint the line to my script. I know that the data folders are extended somehow. But does not know the details.


    Thanks for your support. I was right, the server was not starting since it was missing the harddrive.

    I also figured out that OMV is overwrighting a part of the fstab, not everything. So everything between <<openmediavault in fstab should not be changed. I mounted the hard drive with the webinterface but was not sure if it fit's to my need. So I did it manually again, but this time in the other area of fstab and with the option "noauto". So the server now starts also without the harddrive connected. And I'm able to mount the drive in my backup script.

    So, it may be related to the option "auto" in fstab. Since I wanted go the easy way I copied the existing line in fstab and for these drives the option "auto" is set. But the external drive is not attached. So maybd my server is informing me that the drive is missing and is waiting for a response.

    But I need to wait until tomorrow where I will be at home again and can check.

    Hi, my NAS runs with OMV 3 including nextcloud with nginx behind a FritzBox router. The server shuts down after 30 minutes idle. And if needed I start it with wake on lan, also from external.

    Yesterday I wanted to backup my configs and mounted a external USB drive. Original it was formated in NTFS and I wanted to format it in ext4. Since I was not aware how to do this in the OMV webinterface I did it in the console. I also mounted the USB drive in the fstab by copying the existing lines of the 2 internal hard drives and changing the UUID. Everything worked well.

    Now I'm on a travel and not able to start my server with wake on lan. Even if I receive a positiv feedback that the wake on lan comand was sent successfully.

    I now asume that this is related to the USB drive in fstab since I removed it. I'm not able to connect per SSH either. And I'm actually not able to restart the server manually.

    Is it possible that it creates a issue if a drive in fstab is missing at boot? Maybe because I copied all preferences of the existing comand lines in fstab which are related to the internal hard drives.

    Thanks in advance for every opinion to that.

    Sorry, that I did not provided all infos. I'm using OMV 3

    Here are the results for: apt-get -s purge apache2

    Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig
    Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut.
    Statusinformationen werden eingelesen.... Fertig
    Die folgenden Pakete werden ENTFERNT:
    apache2* libapache2-mod-php5*
    0 aktualisiert, 0 neu installiert, 2 zu entfernen und 0 nicht aktualisiert.
    Purg libapache2-mod-php5 [5.6.30+dfsg-0+deb8u1]
    Purg apache2 [2.4.10-10+deb8u10]

    So I assume I can give it a try?

    Hi Guys, I have some troubles with my server and assume that these are related to the apache2 server runing in background. I do not know exactly if this server was preinstalled with the OMV installation if I installed it later.

    So my, maybe stupid, questin is:

    Can I remove the apache2 server without creating any issues (SMB etc.)? Or is it needed for running OMV?

    I have a nginx server runing to for using nextcloud.


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