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    So, there might be a misconfiguration in my docker instance as I tried four of those cups dockers available on docker hub and they all produced the same error

    That would suggest there is something residual from each install, if I do docker diff cupsd on that olbat/cups I get this;

    so I then do ls -l on /etc

    based on the above output C at the beginning of /etc/cups must refernce container, so it's not written to the system.

    If you had access to a config file in /etc/cups then that must have been residual.

    I'm an IT professional (cyber security currently with 10 years of sys admin) so you can trust that I have a rough idea what I'm doing

    TBH more tech nerds on here the better, me I try and work on a process of elimination to try and help, I also have VM with omv5 to try out on which is where I have this docker deployed

    I've just redployed that docker with the command you pasted above and the config file is /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.

    No it's not!! If you deploy cups as in apt install cups from the cli then yes there is and there are log files, how do I know that because I tried deploying cups as per apt install and the configuration of the cups config file is a BIG PIA.

    The installation of the above docker has a preconfigured cups config and it's accessible and can be edited within the cups WebUI :)

    This has appeared on here before but there never seems to be a definitive answer, the only difference with yours is that they are online, rather than missing.

    In that syslog there is reference to /proc/self/mount now the drives AFAIK should be referenced in that file, also the log states this is not a mount point, so check the fstab, cat /etc/fstab.

    I selected the built in network controller and said yes too all the questions after that.

    The last question was Wake On Lan which I said yes to.

    The first part yes to IPv4 but no to IPv6 and no to Wake On Lan

    I believe the error is related to openmediavault-engined not running, I think the solution is to run omv-engined -d -f if there are any errors post them back here.

    Another problem is that the computer just suddenly restarts after about 3-5 minutes.

    =O bad juju, this could be;

    Power Supply

    Failing Ram Module/s

    Hard Drive

    Bad Thermals/Air Flow (not likely)

    :/ where did you find any logs, because according to Portainer it doesn't generate any.

    I've deployed mine as a test on VM and it just worked it even detected my network printer, I have also run an auto docker on the container;

    which doesn't supply a lot of information.

    I have looked at the config file in the cups webui, that 'appears' to display the changes you would have to make manually if cups were to be installed locally.

    Are you deploying this on a Raspberry Pi?

    I've just installed filezilla, enabled ftp in omv, I can login using my username, if I set permit root login it works, if I disable that and enable anonymous it works.

    I had an email telling me proftpd was not running quickly followed by another telling what pid it was running on :huh:

    Is this just a lazy way for me to fix something I do not understand, or is there a way to run containers from a mergerfs drive

    The consensus is, that container config files should be stored/placed 'outside' the mergerfs mountpoint, so you can point it to share on a drive within mergerfs or use separate drive.

    There are two explanations here and here so there is a workaround by changing the options within the plugin.

    When I read this thread initially and after ryecoaaron post I decided to do some research, Network Manager is only necessary when using Supervisor as this uses Network Manager on the host to configure networking for add-ons, information is here

    Surely if Home Assistant was being used in Docker, then to use Supervisor one could deploy Macvlan, by using a Macvlan config within the Docker container configuring networking for Supervisor and add-ons would be straight forward.