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    Great, thanks.

    Also I am on Stoneburner and want to upgrade to Snapraid v11. I was thinking I could just copy the v11 binary to /usr/bin/snapraid and that should be it. Am I mistaken?

    Yes it only runs on boot but the script does not exit. So, this is what you want. The script does the scheduling for you and that is what the settings in the plugin configure.

    This script just needs to be started. It will take care of the rest.

    Sorry, but this is confusing. My OMV is already running and I have no plans to reboot. I created a job to run weekly for "/usr/sbin/omv-snapraid-diff"
    Is this all I need to do to not have to reboot?

    Have the exact same problem plus I have rebooted.

    I have console access but no network.
    and omv-release-upgrade is not recognized as a registered command (does not run)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    I did exact same thing and fixed it with this:

    $ sudo dpkg --configure -a --force-depends
    $ sudo apt-get install -f

    Then after that I redid all the upgrade commands and it worked

    Pretty scary hour or so :(

    I want to turn on SMART and Filesystem notifications.
    I go to Notifications tab and check them and click Save.
    As soon as I click save, the boxes uncheck themselves.
    Then it says "The configuration has been changed. You must apply the changes in order for them to take effect."
    But the buttons are unchecked now, so I check them again and hit Apply.
    After its done the boxes are still checked.
    I switch to different tab then back to Notifications and the boxes are unchecked again.

    is this normal? I searched around and didn't see anyone with same problem.

    (Firefox 30)

    I get a daily mdadm email that is equally as annoying, especially since I am not using mdadm.

    I edit /etc/cron.daily/mdadm and it looks like this:
    [ -x $MDADM ] || exit 0 # package may be removed but not purged

    exec $MDADM --monitor --scan --oneshot

    so I just do this?

    exec $MDADM --monitor --scan --oneshot >/dev/null 2>&1

    The sticky at top of this page says not to upgrade if I have 3rd party plugins installed. Well I have mysql plugin installed and I am afraid that if i uninstall the plugin it will also uninstall mysql and remove all my databases, much like uninstalling the git plugin just uninstalled git from my system. not happy. Am I correct in my assumption, incorrect in my assuption, or is it now safe to upgrade with the mysql plugin installed? Thanks.

    check the path?

    $ which transmission-cli
    that deb installs it to /usr/local/bin/transmission-cli

    maybe your old one is in a different location or something

    As for me I just compiled it myself since i needed 32 bit and it works fine, I am a happy chappy.

    You can seed off the pooled drives by mounting your samba shares locally (with mount_shares_locally) then you point transmission to those locally mounted shares.
    I think the only tricky part was putting the debian-transmission user in the users group and making sure the users group had permissions to the shared directories. (under Access Rights Management -> Shared Folders then Extra Options -> Group set to read/write)

    I want to upgrade to Transmission 2.8. They finally added the ability to rename folders, a feature I REALLY REALLY want.
    However when I try to install the .deb it says I need libc >= 2.15. I read around that upgrading libc can break my system. Is this true? Is there a way to get TM 2.8 on my system? I already broke my transmission install trying to install 2.8 and I'm not sure how to fix it.
    I am on OMV 4.38. Will upgrading to 5 allow me to use 2.8?

    Quote from "drap"

    Having said all of the above, I have noticed a slight problem. I believe during updates the /etc/samba/smb.conf file gets over written and manual changes I made for Greyhole settings get lost. For example, the smb.conf file should have lines such as

    unix extensions = no
    wide links = yes
    dfree command = /usr/bin/greyhole-dfree
    vfs objects = greyhole

    However I those chances have been lost, I assume this happened during some update.
    Can anyone help as to how to makes these changes persistent through updates?
    Thank you.

    If you make the changes in the OMV samba web admin the changes will persist.
    put the unix extensions = no and wide links = yes in the "extra options" on the settings tab and
    the dfree command/vfs objects on each shares "extra options" section

    so how do i update without ruining my plugin install? I tried various apt-get update transmission etc but nothing.
    Things like this should be handled by the plugin, not everyone wants to have to figure out what to do every time a piece of software needs to be updated, seems to defeat the purpose.

    Quote from "pellinore"

    So greyhole should create duplicates of existing shares? Is this automated or will I have to run fsck with certain parameters?

    Everything is working on new files being copied over but the old files are not being duplicated.
    The fsck in the webgui seems to run cause I get a confirmation email when it's done.

    if you changed the # of copies for a share, yes it should automatically create the new copies.

    I don't use the webgui so i dont know if that runs the fsck immediately or just schedules one for the future. Has it duplicatednow? My system usually runs the fsck at midnight.

    if not and still no work, can you paste your /etc/greyhole.conf here

    I got this problem when I didn't chown -R openmediavault the data directory or one of the other directories listed above. i.e. it is a permissions problem somewhere in /var/www/owncloud

    So Installed OK using the above guide, the web interface worked great, but kept getting authorization errors trying to use caldav/carddav (I am on fedaykin.)
    Then I found this:…388b20471c3b96bd86ae14fa7

    After doing all those changes realized I had to install the headers module

    sudo a2enmod headers
    service apache2 restart

    Now I can sucessfully log in and access cardDAV and calDAV and synchronize with my mail client (Thunderbird 17)

    Only then do I find out that you cannot share contacts between owncloud accounts, so wife and I have to use the same account to share our contacts with each other. Kinda weak, owncloud! :|