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    SAB and SickRage plugins installed and set to Proxy pass in plugin settings.

    I have everything set up:-



    My Sab says running script then ok but nothing happens.
    Sab says this under More

    Loading config from /opt/sickbeard/sickbeard/Scripts/autoProcessTV.cfgOpening URL: http://localhost:8081/sickbear…p.HDTV.x264-ORGANiC.1Then listed is what I think is the HTML code for the Sab layout. Strange.Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

    Right gentlemen I'm still struggling.

    I have a set up where a single (Usenet) share with subfolders which is used by SAB, Sickrage, and Deluge. Its also accessed as external storage by nextCloud.
    Usenet ->
    SAB Downloads -> Incomplete
    Downloaded TV Shows -> Completed

    First SAB downloads a Sickrage requested file to the SAB Downloads folder it then moves the completed download to Downloaded TV Shows -> Completed folder were Sickrage post processes it and moves it to a separate share for TV Shows.

    Deluge will also download Sickrage requested files to Completed folder in Downloaded TV Shows for post processing and moving to TV Shows share.

    I continually have permission problems. Sickrage wont post process so I change permissions in Downloaded TV Shows -> Completed then post processing works but then SAB cant write to disk.
    It goes round and round like this. I much prefer this set up over my old MS Home Server 2011 setup but these permission issues are wearing me down.

    Can someone please help?

    Hi all,
    Recently moved to OMV 3. Been with WHS 2011 then Windows 10 as a home server but got fed up with all the bloat that builds over time. I love OMV. Its a little tricky to set up but when it's all working its great. I have sab, sickrage, deluge, nextcloud all working together and have a nice data pool using using union file system. My only gripe, as I'm new to linux based systems, is the file and folder permissions. I have a share dedicated to the output of deluge, sab and sickrage and I continually have to tinker with ACL permissions as post processing works then stops due to permission errors. Ive ssh'd in and chmod the entire disk 777. All works now but is this sensible? If not has someone got any tips as I've been at this a few days now.

    Thanks Paul ?(

    Hi all. Just wanted to introduce myself and ask for a bit of advice. Been using OMV 2 for a while and liked greyhole for pooling drives. I did not use this for back up just pooling and balancing of data. What can I do to achieve something similar in 3 with the absence of greyhole.

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