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    I don't understand the problem. When setting up Timemachine initially on your macOS device with an omv-smb-share as target, you're asked in the setup process if you like to define a "max size" (quota).

    This I did 3 months ago with my MBP running Sonoma. I defined 400GB as "max size" for Timemachine.

    Wondering why you are questioning me? Here, during the setup process, my macOS device is perfectly happy to set up the omv-smb-share-timemachine target, but it does not offer the option to set the max size. Honest!

    Running Version 6.9.12-2 (Shaitan). I'd like to create a shared folder that uses smb/cifs with Time Machine support enabled. Time Machine is pretty famous for wanting to chew up disk space until it runs out of disk space. On my Mac (Sonoma 13) I do not find a way to enable a quota for the OMV destination drive, so I'm hoping there is a way in OMV to set a quota for Time Machine. Is this possible? Thank you.

    Hi, now that I have re-installed OMV after an ill-considered attempt at installing ExFAT support which totally borked OMV, I'm looking for a file system to use on my travel USB HDD that is compatible with OMV, Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Something that supports long path/filenames and special/extended filename characters. More than 5TB. Hopefully nothing that required third-party payware. Thank you!

    Oh dear. Okay, a bad move on my part.

    It's an external HDD that I travel with and finding a file system that allows very long path/filenames with accented characters (foreign words), which is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Windows and (as I learned today) OMV has proven a challenge.

    Such as:

    /Our_Files/Classics/Debussy/Debussy Ravel Orchestral Works - Jean Martinon [8CDs]/CD 5/11-18. Ma Mère l'Oye - IX Cinquième tableau - Laideronnette, Impératrice des Pagodes.mp3

    But that's a side issue, I guess. Uninstalled exfat-fuse, rebooted and no joy. Oh well, I guess I need to reinstall OMV and forego using my travel HDD with it. Thank you!

    openmediavault 6.0.25-1

    I have a USB drive formatted ExFAT that I needed to mount.

    I used the instructions via ssh as shown here: [Guide]How to mount ExFat USB Drives Manually and use them on OpenMediaVaults WebUI

    I rebooted OMV per the instructions.

    Then after logging into the webGUI I find only "Dashboard" in the left column, and on Home > Dashboard I read:

    The dashboard has not yet been configured. To personalize it, please go to the settings page

    So on the setting page I find "Enabled Widget", no widgets shown, and "Cancel" / "Save" < grayed out.

    Again, nothing at all other than Dashboard in the left column.

    I have ssh access. How can I repair this? Thank you!

    Well then, by golly I'll try 8989! Aaaaand -- it works! I dunno why Port 22 has decided to be difficult, I can stick to 8989 until I feel like sorting out 22. Thank you all for the assistance. Now I can get around to doing what I was trying to do in the first place before I got stymied by 22's intransigence!

    A worthy experiment! It is enabled on Port 22. So, I will move it to Port 25 , save and apply the setting, and re-try. One moment . . .

    % ssh thatjack@ -p 25
    ssh: connect to host port 25: Connection refused

    What the heck? If it's not one thing, it's another. OMV > Services > ssh shows ssh Enabled and on Port 25.

    Your curiosity is not morbid. It is wise.

    So in the WebGUI I created a new user, gave it an easy-to-remember password, made sure it was a member of the ssh group, Saved and Applied the settings. Waited for the dust to settle and tried connecting via ssh from command line from another computer on the network.

    ssh newusername@ipaddress

    It asked for password, I put in password, it said Permission denied, please try again.

    This is frustrating.

    Thank you for providing insight. No, I do not have Docker running. I don't use an ssh client, I just use a Terminal -- which works for accessing every other darn Windows and Linux boxes I have to administer -- like this:

    $ ssh jack@the.ip.add.ress

    And it returns asking for jack's password.

    After so many failed attempts, jack has been blocked. A nice email from OMV says I can unlock me via the omv-firstaid command, which I seem to think is a command line thing, and it's getting to a command line that is presently a challenge.

    In the GUI I have reset jack's password, and still not getting anywhere.

    Hi, I have omv 6.0.25-1 (Shaitan) running on a RPi3, I set this up a couple years ago. It's in a location that I return to once a year, and when I left it last season it was running fine. Shut it down while we were away for five months, and I booted it when we got back for this year's season and it's up and running cheerfully. I can access it via the WebGUI, but for some reason I can't log in via ssh. My normal username on OMV is "jack" which is a member of the ssh group. But the server rejects my attempts at password and I'm using the same password that I noted the last time I was here. Likewise the username "admin" is failing at ssh password challenge. I've gone into Users and changed the "jack" password and tried via ssh again, no go. So, in short, I have ssh server running on OMV, I have full admin access via webGUI, but I can't get in via ssh. Might anyone here lend a hand? Thank you!