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    I am not using ipv6 neither within LAN nor on WAN...
    so which IPv6-setting should I choose? just auto or static with a random ipv6?

    As far as I understand the only important thing is the availability of ::1/128

    Sorry for not sending an earlier reply but job and RL were keeping me busy.

    I also made manual changes to configfiles and got it working again somehow but this only seems to be a temporary solution. As soon as the config files are differring from the WebGUI-config the yellow bar appears asking for confirmation of the altered settings and as soon as you do so the non functional settings are overwriting your changes again. ATM I am executing a bashfile everytime I confirmed changes within the WebGUI

    sed -i 's@\[::\]:@@g;s@ ipv6only=off@@g' /etc/nginx/sites-available/openmediavault-webgui
    service nginx start

    Hey there,

    I am using OMV3 with several further services like nextcloud, rutorrent, plex, ... delivered by nginx. On my network-bond ipv6 is deactivated as I am using ipv4 only within my LAN. Recently the nginx-addon started adding listeners for ipv6 in the configfiles but as there is no ipv6 defined on the network, it fails starting until I disable vhosts or remove all ipv6-referals from the openmediavault-webgui file ("listen [::]:80 ipv6only=off" to "listen 80;" and "listen [::]:443 ipv6only=off ssl deferred;" to "listen 443 ssl deferred;").

    Would be nice to get a hint, how to resolve this problem.
    Thanks in advance.


    There are services running on port 80 (redirect to ssl) and 443 my OVM-machine I want to access form outside like nextcloud and plex. determination of those services made by subdomains - sufficent security gained via fail2ban.

    Unfortunately it seems not to be possible to add some rules to the webGUI-vhost like

    deny all;

    Would it hurt to add this manually?

    won´t work as the local IP is replaced by the external IP of my dyndns-domain

    Hi there,

    I have installed OVM recently and so far I do feel quite comfortable with it. Last feature missing is a restriction of the WebGUI for remote connections. I already tried to override the default nginx-config with a custom one but it didn´t work as expected. Thank you for any hint.