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    I just ordered 4 batteries premade for $200 and $25 to ship. I kept my old cables and fuse. APC is one one the best UPS but not the new ones with Microlink. I have one that's about 10 years old and it's going to be on its 3rd set of batteries.

    0.6 is going to change everything. Right now its squeeze that is holding back OMV. When OMV is on Wheezy you won't have any limitations. Volker is working on it and it will be done before squeeze goes end of life.

    Sorry I don't touch apple. You can give me and apple product and I won't use it not because they make bad products just how the company is as a whole.

    I tried to do pci passthrough on vituralbox and it won't work. Nvida is the problem they can fix by simply making a repository for all the major OS's because their hardware is solid it's just their support for Linux is spotty. You may have one product work really well and others simply don't work. I had a much easier time getting AMD to work than Nvidia. Intel just works, not matter what product they make it just work with Linux, and when it does not Intel will fix the problem themselves. So far I'm really happy with this laptop and have not used Windows in a few days. 99% of all the hardware on this Lenovo Y510P works I mean out of box I did nothing to get it to work well all except this Nvidia 755M chip. Like I said Nvidia just sucks on Linux unless it's on an approved hardware with a specific kernel with a specific OS like Steam OS. Certain Nvidia cards work perfectly with Steam OS just that 95% does not. However, Nvidia for Windows is flawless, no matter which hardware you have it just works but on Linux is just sucks. Like Linus says "Nvidia fu**k you" and a completely agree with him. Don't support a company that does not support Linux that's my motto.

    I tried it but it crashes Linux Mint on start. Also bumblebee is still not stable enough maybe in 6 months i'll have another go. So far the Intel open source drivers are working great. Nvidia just sucks on Linux I remmeber my last laptop it had only Nvidia graphics and it was a pain to get it to work right. I don't need the power of nvidia on Linux as the Haswell 4600 is powerfull enough. The nvidia 331 does not work and the nvidia 319 works but crashes mint. If I had a choice I would go with AMD at least the graphics works well with their drivers. There are alot of kernel issues with nvidia.

    Best to buy from a place the sells UPS batteries. Very easy to get APC replacement batteries and they are just as good as the originals and at half the price.

    Just got myself a new laptop for X-Mas a present to myself. Its a Lenovo Y510P. Nice llaptop pretty fast running Haswell but the Nvidia drivers suck on Linux. First thing I got was got rid of Windows 8.1. That UI just sucks then Installed Windows 7 and Linux Mint 16. I use Windows 7 mostly for games and pretty much run Linux all the time. This laptop cam with dual graphics with haswell built in a Nvidia dedicated. The graphics is flawless in windows but does not work in Linux. I tried everything and just gave up. Right now I'm running the open source Intel and its working great. Just had to set a mod line in the kernel and I was set. Nvidia gots to get their act together because their Linux support is really bad. At least the haswell 4600 is working well and since I don't play many Linux games its ok.

    No problem but it would be nice to try and get hdhomerun working in VDR I tried yaVDR but it was very difficult to setup. It seems the VDR is not easy to setup. I have been doing some tinkering with tvheadend I managed to get hdhomwrun working and analogue video working as well. This is done on a separate box.

    Either that or I'm doing something wrong.

    What I did was hit enter then is asked for password I gave it "openmediavault"

    Then at end of script it asked for password 4 times and I put "openmediavault" to all of them. Was this the correct procedure ?

    UPDATE: I ran the script again and this time it accepted the password "openmediavault" and did not ask for me to type it again. However I still get the same error as above.
    I reboot server and same thing. Maybe a permission issue

    I installed bacula and used "openmediavault" as the password and it creates the database but can't connect to the webacula page it gives me this error

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Exception' with message 'Fatal error: Can't connect to SQL server' in /usr/share/webacula/html/index.php:178
    Stack trace:
    #0 {main}
    thrown in /usr/share/webacula/html/index.php on line 178

    It seems it can't connect to database. I tried to reset the password again in the mysql sql buddy but it does not work.

    I deleted the bacula users and dropped the database. I'm missing something

    Thanks I will give it a try. The reason I asked for bacula is because its the only backup solution that supports tape storage well. Backuppc is really good but its designed for hard disk storage not tape. Tape storage is still one of the best solutions for long term storage as it does not suffer from bit rot like hard disks.

    I did not know that they jumped like that. I thought each update was in bad

    I agree plex is far the best well not perfect but at least its stable not like XBMC. I gave up on XBMC always crashing or dealing with broken dependencies. You can expand it via channels. What I like the best is its central design and its arm client is very fast and pretty much bug free. I end up getting the plex pass just for its sync feature which is great when I'm on the road. Can sync up whatever I like.