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    The Helios4 is supported by Armbian, not Raspbian. Go the Armbian download page -> here and get the image for Helios. (Get the Stretch version because OMV5 for Buster is not ready yet.) Read the Armbian Doc's and install OMV from armbian config

    I am sorry, mistype. Sure it's armbian stretch, I take note about strtch and OMV on download page.

    Trying to install OMV on Helios4 with armbian stretch.
    First I try to install it from raspi-config, but it fails, then I try manualy — same results:

    UPD: Solved

    Source of problem was I install via armbian-config both OMV and nextcloud.
    Nextcloud pull incompatible with OMV PHP version.
    Solution — clean install, no nextcloud package in base system, use another host or docker for nextcloud.