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    So I got it fixed myself and will leave here what worked for me in case other people run into this issue.
    ***If this is not wanted by the admins you can remove this thread***

    To fix it I unmounted all zfs filesystems using zfs unmount -f [zfsmount] and temporarily removed the mountpoints so the point where the pool should be mounted is completely empty.
    After that it was possible for me to run the update using apt -f install. Then you only need to recreate the mountpoints and mount the zfs filesystems. I had some problems with mounting the filesystem afterwards but this was gone after a restart.

    Hi omv community
    I ran into a problem while updating my OMV machine.
    It seems like zfsutils-linux and zfs-zed won't update.'

    The output from apt -f install :

    Output from systemctl status zfs-mount.service:

    and journalctl -xe:

    I am running the normal Debian Kernel (no Proxmox).
    Is there a way in which I can easily fix this?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Many Thanks

    thanks for the help

    Remove insserv with apt-get purge insserv

    No. Don't do this.

    hmm that does not seem to help:

    it seems like it wants to remove the whole omv system...
    any other clues?

    Thanks you two :)
    this part works againg
    however now this comes up when trying to update

    zfsutils-linux : Conflicts: insserv (< 1.18) but 1.14.0-5.4+b1 is to be installed

    is there anything i can do about it?


    So after my hollydays i came back home and wanted to upgrade OMV. The GUI listed a bunch of updates but after trying to update via the GUI i got the "Something went wrong" window.
    I then went on to try and update via console and was greeted by this:

    anybody got an idea what is going on and how i fix this mess?
    helb would be appreciated :)

    Ich habe OMV via USB stick, den ich mit win32diskimager gemacht habe installiert.
    Meine boot reinfolge zum Installieren war [UEFI USB - UEFI Disk - USB - Disk - Net] soweit ich mich recht erinnere

    evntl wird die SSD von dem installer/BIOS nicht erkannt und es wird versucht, auf deinem USB stick zu intallieren?
    Wird deine SSD im BIOS angezeigt?
    Hast du unterschiedliche SATA-Ports ausprobiert?

    Once you have compiled all the stuff, and "make deb" in both the SPL and ZFS dir, you will have some *-dkms.deb package to install (spl-dkms_0.7.9-1_amd64.deb and zfs-dkms_0.7.9-1_amd64.deb like the normal install from repository). At the moment, I can't find the new zfsutils-linux package...

    The only thing is that ZFS 0.7.6 don't work with kernel 4.16 and ZFS 0.7.9 don't work with kernel 4.14... so what to upgrade first ??? Kernel you loose your pool (temporary?), ZFS you cannot since you don't have upgraded your kernel...

    Maybe someone better than me could help...

    hopefully the devs over at debian fix this anytime soon so the "normal" user doesn't have to deal with this :|

    The current ZFS version provided by openmediavault-zfs and zfsutils-linux is 0.7.6.
    This version is not compatible with the Linux kernel version 4.16 and fails to build.
    ZFS will be unusable until ZoL 0.7.8 or above is released in the Debian repository.
    The release of 0.7.8 is still pending.