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    Amazing, thanks a lot. It's working like a charm and website delivery is a lot faster now with http2 (verified in FF dev console that it's really enabled ;) )

    You're the best :thumbsup:

    I'd like to suggest a function for the nginx plugin... a http2 enabler within the server tab so that the generated nginx config has the http2 in the listen command.
    Would be great as multiplexing may increase site delivery.

    Thanks for conisdering this and sorry if it's rude to ask.

    Warum per PN? Ist doch ein öffentliches Forum und alle könnten daraus lernen.

    Und was ist jetzt so speziell bei Deinem Setup? Ist halt ein Apollo Lake Board (Atom Nachfolger) (aktuellstes J4205) mit SSD an USB und 4SATA Discs? Hab das auch und ebenfalls mit dem Node 304. Trotzdem sollte man dazusagen, daß ECC nicht unterstützt wird.

    kannst ja mal versuchen

    sudo systemctl start nginx
    wenn nginx nicht starten will, gibt es einge Hinweise in der Meldung bzw. welche weiteren Tools Du ausführen kannst, um mehr Infos zu erhalten (journalctl)

    sudo systemctl status nginx
    zeigt den aktuellen Status von nginx an

    wenn Dein eingelogter User nicht in der sudoers group ist, kannst Du evtl. mit su zu root werden.

    I do not understand your rant against rsync. Both, rsync and rsnapshot have advantages and scenarios where they are best used. Imho rsync is excellent for data that doesn't change often (especially media files like movies, photos and music). Rsnapshot is excellent for documents cause of the versioning.

    That's plain wrong. By default rsync doesn't delete in the target folder. So if you delete files in your source, they are still existing after your weekly sync in your target folder. If you want another behavior you have to knowingly set this option. Your wife would still have her photos in her backup folder.

    If the Family-Hotos are lost, even a newbie will be able to restore with that help -and if it is by paying 50$ to a pro. With the rsync option, it would need a professional data recovery company and around1000$

    With rsync you have a plain copy of your source. So why would I have the need for a data recovery company for 1000$?
    If you're not familiar with the console, just make your backup folder a smb share and you can handle the data from your win box. No compressed stuff or containers... a simple copy. If you're not afraid of the console cp source target and you're done.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm new to OMV and for sure I don't intend to offend you or anyone else in this forum. I have to say this cause I know my english is far from perfect and always sounds somehow harsh.
    Still rsync works pretty smooth for me.


    I have to admit that I bought the 4205 cause the 3455 was out of stock. Usually patience is not one of my strength so I swallowed the pill and invested 15€ more. And the little advantage of the 4205 isn't worth the money.

    Edit: I see the difference in Italy is even bigger. So it's totally pointless to go for the 4205.

    Hope I'm allowed to answer as well ;)
    Have a similar system with a
    ASrock J4205 ITX
    1x8GB So-Dimm 8GB 1866
    64GB SSD
    PicoPSU 90
    60W Seasonic NT
    3 WD Red (1x8GB, 2x4GB)

    Power consumption whilst the miner test 16 Watts without fans, HDs incl. (of course ssd)

    Memory performance:
    memcpy: 5070.5 MB/s (1.1%)
    memset: 5170.6 MB/s

    Cpuminer total scores (5 minutes execution): 18.84,18.83,18.82,18.81,18.80,18.79,18.78,18.77,18.74,18.70,18.69,18.68,18.67,18.66,18.65,18.64,18.56 kH/s

    7-zip total scores (3 consecutive runs): 7578,7566,7302

    OpenSSL results:
    type 16 bytes 64 bytes 256 bytes 1024 bytes 8192 bytes 16384 bytes
    aes-128-cbc 355657.87k 553138.90k 614528.26k 656344.75k 667129.17k 669788.84k
    aes-128-cbc 355422.18k 553424.62k 616944.98k 657374.89k 669130.75k 670072.83k
    aes-192-cbc 321869.41k 437222.74k 520436.91k 550778.54k 558429.53k 558972.93k
    aes-192-cbc 322595.42k 440653.74k 521240.75k 551463.94k 559423.49k 559398.91k
    aes-256-cbc 295735.88k 390097.49k 451021.48k 473652.91k 480501.76k 480449.88k
    aes-256-cbc 296563.55k 393264.98k 452747.43k 470676.14k 479046.31k 480832.17k

    here's my working version:
    you need to adapt server_name to your domain. And in contraty to your settings gzip is enabled.

    Pico PSU ist sufficient for that system. I use a similar one.

    If there is no transcoding involved, the system is OK. However if you need on the fly transcoding, you need much more CPU (GPU) power.

    For your backup purposes have a look at the UrBackup plugin a well.

    The 'it works for me answer' shouldn't express that it has to work for the thread starter as well without any additional try and fail. In fact I wanted to show the possibility to get the board working, to save some money cause there may not be the necessity to buy a new one.
    Your answer to the problem is much appreciated cause it shows a possible solution.

    I'm using Urbackup as well (for backup purposes) and rsync. However I have to admit that on windows the cygwin setup was a pain. Nevertheless it's working fairly well with a shell script that I run few times a day (cause with the rsync plugin it wasn't possible to realize my needs).

    WOL (if PC is sleeping) -> syncing the folders I need -> If PC was sleeping before the sync sending it back to sleep again.