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    Lieber salopette,

    dumme Frage aber gemounted (einbinden) oben aus dem Menue hast du gedrückt... oder.

    Installier dir putty und mc (midnight commander) und schau ob die platten unter /srv/ gemounted sind.
    In der etc/openmediavault/config.xml sollte es einen eintrag geben für die platte.


    Dear Macom,

    if lost your password for omv-forum you will get an e-mail with a link.
    when i use the link I am lost on apage that tells me: wrong tokken...


    Dear Drop...

    I did that, 3dm2 cant open the port (so it cant listing).BTW: On Stretch you have to install the net-tools, they are not longer on board naturally.

    Like I wrote, there is some thing wrong with the OMV distro.

    But I think their are a lot of problems to do and real hardware raid-servers are not the typical omv-user equipment.



    is there a change in sharedfolder creation? Got a link "sharedfolder" in root system?

    BTW: I used omv since it was only a announcement and the SHAREDFOLDER creation changed in all versions some time better some times strange (Cant create Subfolders in Folders.... nfs-related). @Volker, I patched it some times ;) , but why is it so complicated to create Folders,Subfolder etc... with UUID and store it in config ( I patched it in omv 3, and it works ( with check of reldirpath im RPC).

    Never mind, all together you are doing a very good job.
    Best Greetings


    I installed omv 4 on vbox and hardware with 3ware controller. After installing 3dm2 and tw_cli, the 3dm2 service is started but didn`t listen on port 888.
    3dm2.conf: Remote enabled, port 888, service restarted.

    On omv 3 no problems.

    On debian 9 (nativ on VBOX) it worked, so my guess, it is omv4 related.

    Greetings Georg