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    I have a few OMV shares mounted as network drives on my windows 10 pc.

    All of the shares are located on the same "Union FS Pool", but suddenly

    the shown size in windows for my "Homes" share differs from the others
    although it should be the same. The shown size matches that of the psychical
    drive that houses most of the data for that particular share.

    How comes? I've made no changes to my OMV settings.

    After updating to 4.1.0-1 from 4.0.19-1 I am getting a "Invalid RPC Response" notification when logging into the WebGUI.

    The syslog shows the error below:
    - Mar 3 10:21:31 MainBox omv-engined[31886]: PHP Fatal error: Interface 'OMV\System\Filesystem\IFilesystem' not found in /usr/share/php/openmediavault/system/filesystem/ on line 28

    Might this be related to the PHP interface renames of this release? And how do i go about fixing it?

    Thanks in advance from a very satisfied OMV user - and sorry if I have not posted this in the correct subfora :)