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    Code ./public main

    It is the wrong Path
    Correct one is:

    deb [url][/url] public main

    To fix the Python problem just edit the

    • cd /usr/lib/python3.5/
    • nano

    replace new lines fixed it:

    line 109: def remove(wr, selfref=ref(self)): [b]replace with:[/b] def remove(wr, selfref=ref(self), _atomic_removal=_remove_dead_weakref):
    line 117: _remove_dead_weakref(d, wr.key) [b]replace with:[/b] _atomic_removal(d, wr.key)

    Exactly what i did :)
    Working fine!

    It seems they working currently on their repo (read it in Forum). Also my Plex told me i have to install the Update manual.

    I have downloaded the latest Plex .deb and installed it manual. It seems all to work without any issues so far.

    since the Plex Media Server Plugin seems to be dead and i don't want to switch over to Docker with my Plex installation, i'm looking for a way to update my current Plex installation to the latest Version.

    What will be the best way to self maintain my PLex Installation without breaking anything?

    Would it be that easy, i only have to add the official Plex Repo to my OMV Installation, like described here:…nux-server-distributions/

    i'm using a big Plex installation with lot of custom configurations and a big database. I'm afraid of moving this into a docker. :/;(
    Also i read a lot about problems with Transcoding (and some other things) insite a Docker Container in Plex Forum. X/:S
    So maybe i will wait and hope for Updates. :thumbsup::saint::whistling:

    Anyway, thank you for feedback, at least i know the actual situation.

    Didn't know that having another Partition isn't supported. Did find a tutorial how to do it and it sounds good to me. Had it already on OMV3 and did the same under OMV4.
    Will remeber it on next installation and don't create another Partiton :!: Maybe i will get it done to move all Data from the extra Partition to the System partiton and delete the extra one (or at least leave it empty)...

    Backup is done now :thumbsup: and your small tutorial for Recovery is saved in my Bookmarks :whistling:

    Another Question, is it possible to include in this Backup, also another Partition of the Server?
    I have createt another Partition on my SSD, where the Configs of Plugins and Dockers are saved. Would be nice if i could include this partition also in the Backup 8o

    So after installing the OMV completely new, i started also to install my Plugins again.

    Installed PLex trough the Plugins, so far so good. But now i have installed the Trakt Scobbler Plugin from Plex WebTool (Former Unsupported App Store). On starting the Trakt Scobbler i receive the following error Message:

    Critical Error: Unable to import the playhouse.apsw_ext library (Failed to map segment from shared object: operation not permitted)

    Solved this error in the past with changing the /etc/fstab file by removing the noexec flag on the corresponding drive/mount entry. But i'm not shure if this is the correct and good way to solve this issue.

    Maybe someone could lead me to a better solution. Or is this already the proper way to solve this?

    I'm using a HP Microserver as OMV Server.
    Here is a special thing on HDD Config.
    Bay 1-4 is used for HDD
    Bay 5 the ODD Port i used for my System SSD
    i need to use a microsd card for chainbooting, because otherwise the system could only boot from bay 1-4. With this trick i can boot from the odd Port. So far so good :) OMV is newly installed an working.

    Which is the best way to backup my OMV Installation? There is no need to backup the other HDD's. Only a System Backup for cases like the one i had.

    Yes i know a backup would be nice :/ Mostly i did one. But i have installed the OMV Server not long ago and a Backup was a Task i had on my todo List :thumbsup:

    I'm booting from a SSD. On this SSD is only the System installed. So really a easy thing to have it on a save place.

    Already saved the interesting configurations and beginning a new installation.
    Now i see it as a Linux training. Every new installation is a little bit more smooth :saint:

    And a Backup will be the first thing after i finished the initital Configuration!

    After something went wrong with a Docker Module installation, i couldn't access the OMV WebIf anymore (Bad Gateway, Nginx Error Message). I've deleted the Docker Image trough Console access. Now i can access the WebIf again, but nothing else is working as expected (Samba Share, Plex Server,...).

    After looking in Syslog i found the a lot of Error Messages in the Syslog.

    If i check the owner of this files all is set to 911

    Nearly all Files and Folder on my Server are set to 911 (user andf group).

    Is there any way i can restore the correct ownerships?

    Thanks for the Link, found the same Thread yesterday on my searches about Docker :thumbup: A lot to read and understand the way it is used. But sounds like a very good alternative.

    Came to the conclusion, i will install a new and empty OMV4 to my Server and using Docker instead of a lot Plugins. Now i have only to find the time to do this :saint:

    So for me this topic is solved. Thank you both for the good hints!

    i would update my OMV to Version 4. But it seems there is no Updated Plugin for Sabnzbd.

    Will the Plugin updated or will it become obsolete? Could not find any news about this.

    And another Question. What will happen if i update my OMV from 3 to 4 and the Sabnzbd Plugin isn't updated. What will happen?
    - Will my OMV Update work, but Sabnzbd will not work
    - Will my OMV Update work and Sabnzbd will still work, but could not be managed out of OMV
    - Update won't work or it will break my OMV Installation

    I hope someone could answer this to me :-)

    Maybe someone could help me to set the right Webroot and Permissions, so i could get the LE Cert running in my OMV Installation ;(8|
    Didn't get the point what i did configure in the wrong way...

    Checked the permission and gave 777 to the .well-known subdirectory.
    It seems it could write to it, because it will create a directory called "acme-challenge" insite it.

    drwxrwxrwx 2 www-data www-data 4096 Mär 16 17:04 .well-known
    root@omv:/var/www/openmediavault/.well-known# ll
    insgesamt 4
    drwxr-xr-x 2 openmediavault-webgui openmediavault-webgui 4096 Mär 16 17:04 acme-challenge

    But i'm far away from a linux expert :(