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    if you run the image in privileged mode with the network set to host, in the volumes and bind's section the host path will be where you want your config files and the container path will be /app/data

    and --device=/dev/ttyACM0 bit will go in the extra arguments section you may need to add it like this --device=/dev/ttyACM0:/dev/ttyACM0

    i don't actually have the hardware to test it though as i use a xbee as a zigbee device.

    Where do you see the swap usage?
    Are you using the image from here?

    yes image originally from there but i think it was omv 3 that upgraded to omv 4

    Care to provide output from those three commands:

    df -h
    cat /proc/swaps

    i have an odroid hc1 running on omv for a fair while i am pretty pappy with it have the antivirus plugin, mysql, open vpn and docker with a few containers for, pi-hole, nextcloud, home-assistant, duckdns & letsencrypt. when i log in via putty it shows Swap usage: 99 %, i was under the impression the flash memory plugin was enabled by default on the stock images, is the a harmless warning or something i need to look at?

    ok try that just change the domain on line 14 and the correct ip on line 26 that should work i think

    thats what i use with the Linuxserver/letsencrypt docker container