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    I found the solution. The script must also modify the config.xml file found in /etc/openmediavault.

    OMV sees my partition on file system tab, but not when creating a shared directory


    I have a software problem. I have version 3.0 of openmediavault on Debian 8.

    On the system, after formatting and mounting the drive, thanks to my script. My ext4 partition is not taken into account in the creation of a shared directory on the OMV interface.

    How to modify the database of OMV so that my partitions EXT4 is price in account by OMV ?

    thank you in advance for your help


    I have a problem with the IP configuration of OMV.

    When I change an IP address on the interface, it changes the /etc/network/interfaces file correctly. But, as far as the network card is concerned, the new IP address is added and does not replace the old one.

    As a result, I have a network card with multiple IP addresses and causes
    technical problems with other applications, such as Bareos.

    How can I fix this recurring problem?

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