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    The MD5 hash in the readme.txt (dated 2018-06-16) doesn't match the MD5 hash of the new ISO that was uploaded on 2018-07-19.

    readme.txt MD5 hash: b3ad4ddb9cbe91d34949b67473b8affa

    downloaded ISO MD5 hash: FF27E253C86ABDCD51C533D4841D3DED

    I am assuming that the readme.txt wasn't updated when the new ISO was uploaded. If an OMV team member could verify the MD5 hash and post it, I would appreciate it.


    I'm having the same issue.. maybe the repo is dead or something?

    I did 4 times a fresh install and got the same error on docker. Really annoying..

    Yeah, I did the same thing. I thought I did something wrong. I'm at a loss on how to troubleshoot this type of issue.

    I don't know how to figure out what package is having a problem. If I did, I could then bring it to the responsible party's attention in order for them to look at the issue.

    I'm having the same problem with docker, OMV and my raspberry-pi.

    It must be something with a package installed from the RPi repo because I just installed the docker plugin on my renegade board (arm64) earlier today with no problems.

    Thanks for checking on this thread, ryecoaaron. What can we do to help track down or figure out if it's a RPi repo package that's causing the problem?