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    Thanks for the advice!

    I have looked at HP Miroservers but they will always be more expansive, take up more space and more noise. I think it is overkill for what I need at the moment. But I will keep my eyes out for a good deal.

    I looked through your links @tkaiser, good reading! The Rockchip64 NAS kit could be a option, as well as Renegade Pro. The Rockchip has the benefit of being avaible right now of caurse but I would really like it to be able to hold 4 3,5" drives. And it's not that much cheaper.

    The Renegade Pro looks really interesting but that will definiatly be several months before it ships, if they meet their goal, and then I have to get m2 to Sata card and an enclosure.

    It still looks like Helios is the best NAS option, would a really liked at metal enclosure thou.
    Will see, I have to think through it some more and continue looking at alternatives.

    Do anyone have a review or few words about how Helis4 performs?

    I'm tempted to buy into the second batch. I'm looking for a something to handle my fileserver needs, and as I'm living in a small apartment both size and noise are two very important factors. Running 2 HDDs right now but going to get 1-2 more.

    I have a Intel NUC with can handle heavier servertasks so the NAS would mostly just hold and distribute files. At the moment the NUC also handles the NAS task with an 2 bay USB-C HDD enclosure. Unfortunatly it just doesn't work good at all, I get disk in/out error all the time and sometimes it just dies.

    Could Helois4 be something for me? Or do anyone have other suggestions I could look at?